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  • Financial incentives for hospitals boost rapid changes to opioid use disorder treatment

    New research from Penn Medicine finds that offering financial incentives to hospitals has the potential to drive swift systemic and practical changes to intervene in the opioid epidemic.

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  • Cultivating a supportive space for breast cancer patients

    The impact of pandemic isolation can be especially profound for cancer patients who previously found a sense of community in support groups. This past fall, the Abramson Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital partnered with the nonprofit Sisters R Us Circle of Survivors to foster these crucial personal connections through a virtual breast cancer symposium.

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  • Climate stories in translation

    PPEH public research intern and climate storyteller Tsemone Ogbemi considers how climate stories and the art of translation overlap.

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  • PennIDEAS: Innovation and discovery in engineering, arts & sciences

    In February 2021, faculty experts examined the promise and perils of big data and technological innovations that may lead to sustainable energy.

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  • Weitzman faculty named 2021 AIA Fellows

    The American Institute of Architecture awarded 102 of members admission into the College of Fellows for 2021, the highest level of membership and honor within AIA. Three are Weitzman faculty members and eight are alums.

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  • Maury Povich & Connie Chung to endow summer workshop for young writers at the Kelly Writers House

    The gift provides financial aid to support approximately half of the high school juniors and seniors who are selected to participate in the program, guaranteeing that applicants can join the program on the basis of their talent and potential as writers.

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  • Penn Nursing’s third annual Story Slam

    On February 17, nurses from Penn Nursing and Penn Medicine shared their true, personal stories for Penn Nursing’s third annual Story Slam event. Due to the current guidelines and restrictions around the pandemic, the event was held virtually, but that did not lessen the impact or vibrancy of the storytellers and their tales, developed around the theme, “Stepping Up.”

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  • Penn Memory Center researchers look at the future of Alzheimer’s detection

    A direct-to-consumer blood test for a key Alzheimer’s biomarker may be inevitable, but Penn Program on Precision Medicine for the Brain researchers Jason Karlawish, Emily Largent, and Anna Wexler warn that receiving results from such a test comes with potential challenges. The team weigh the risks and benefits of these blood tests in an article for JAMA Neurology titled “The Future is p-Tau—Anticipating Direct-to-Consumer Alzheimer’s Disease Blood Tests.”  

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  • David Brainard receives Edgar D. Tiller Award From Optical Society

    The associate dean for the natural sciences and professor of psychology has been selected as the 2021 recipient of the award from the OSA for his experimental and theoretical contributions to our understanding of how the visual system resolves the ambiguities inherent in sensory signals to produce a stable percept of object color.

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  • New Center for Soft and Living Matter is launched

    The Center for Soft and Living Matter will be a joint endeavor between the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Science, led by director Andrea J. Liu, Hepburn Professor of Physics, and associate director Douglas J. Durian, professor of physics.

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