Filming, Photography and Taping Guidelines

Permission is required for all photo, film or video shooting for commercial purposes on the University of Pennsylvania campus. A location fee will be charged. Please contact Ron Ozio of the Office of University Communications at 215-898-8658 regarding requests for commercial photo shoots and filming/taping.

Perelman Quadrangle

General rules

Anyone who wishes to film on campus for commercial, non-news purposes must submit in writing detailed information about the proposed project, including:

  • Locations requested
  • Date and time of shooting
  • Length of shooting
  • Number of people involved in each day’s shooting
  • Type of activity to be filmed, taped or photographed
  • List of equipment and vehicles used in connection with the project
  • Sizes and composition of structures that will be used in the shoot

All movie scripts must be reviewed and approved by the University Communications Office.

Photography and filming/taping will be allowed only during times that are least likely to be disruptive to the academic process and student life.

No mention is to be made of or recognition given to the University of Pennsylvania unless specifically authorized.

Anyone who requests commercial filming, taping or photography on the University of Pennsylvania campus is required to work with University Communications and Penn's General Counsel's Office to negotiate fees and specific terms of the agreement.

A certificate of insurance is required, naming the University of Pennsylvania, its officers, employees and agents as additional insured, providing comprehensive general liability insurance, including personal injury and property damage.

All location fees are due on the day of the shoot. Additional expenses (such as for Penn Police or Facilities Services) will be the responsibility of the requesting agency or production company.

Use of University Trademarks, Symbols, Locations

The University of Pennsylvania name, seal and logos may not be used without the written permission of the University. Written permission is also required for the use of University logo clothing and other items, such as pennants, for use as costumes and set dressing.

Photo Guidelines

Photographs supplied by the University or by a freelance photographer are copyrighted materials that may not be manipulated without express consent from the copyright holder (either the photographer or University department/office that owns the photo).

Manipulation is defined as adding to, subtracting from or otherwise adjusting a photograph in such as way as to significantly change the nature of the image.

Minor editing – color correction, cropping and subtle retouching that does not change the photograph in a substantial way is permissible, though good judgment must be exercised when making such adjustments.

Guidance on Privacy: Photography and Videography at Penn (password-protected)