Law School

An old-school green deal

A major public lands package passed the U.S. Senate Feb. 12 with massive bipartisan support and is expected to pass the House later this month. Cary Coglianese shares insights into the bill’s contents—which entail the largest expansion of wilderness area in a decade.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Documenting refugees

A documentary film by Penn junior Sonari Chidi and a panel discussion at Perry World House focused on the depiction of refugees and immigrants in the media.

Louisa Shepard

In the News

Native American activists: The fire at Notre Dame is devastating. So is the destruction of our sacred lands

Sally Gordon of the Law School and the School of Arts and Sciences spoke about the history behind the lack of protections for indigenous people’s sacred lands in the U.S. “The process of eliminating native power and consigning native Americans primarily to reservations meant the appropriation, through treaty or otherwise, of so many millions of acres.”


The Washington Post

A ‘wealth tax’ presents a revenue estimation puzzle

Natasha Sarin of the Law School and the Wharton School co-authored an op-ed assessing Elizabeth Warren’s proposed 2% “wealth tax” on those worth over $50 million. “If our suspicion is correct, such a wealth tax will not yield the revenue that its proponents hope for, and that when actual scorekeepers score actual proposals, their estimates will disappoint advocates,” write Sarin and her co-author, Lawrence Summers of Harvard University.


Some Americans cheer Mueller's report, others feel let down

Claire Finkelstein of the Law School is quoted on why transparency is important for the release of a report on the special counsel's investigation.


Seattle Times

Sen. Warren misses mark with antitrust screed

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp said breaking up tech giants like Amazon and Google will likely cause massive price increases or a decline in quality.


Chronicle of Higher Education

Reading, writing, and resilience

The Law School’s John Hollway weighed in on required wellness courses in higher education. Speaking to the importance of self-care for law students, Hollway said, “it is hard for a lawyer to meet your ethical responsibilities to take care of your clients and your cases if you are in a crisis.”