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Same-Sex Marriage in Vermont

Expert comment from the University of PennsylvaniaSame-Sex Marriage in VermontNote for TV and radio: The University of Pennsylvania has a satelliteuplink facility with live-shot capability and an ISDN line.April 7, 2009Expert: Tobias Barrington Wolff Professor of LawUniversity of Pennsylvania

Jeanne Leong

Health Insurance as an Investment to Cover Young Adults

PHILADELPHIA -- Could offering a cash bonus for not consuming more than a threshold value of medical care hold the key to providing health insurance for 19-29 year olds, the so-called “young invincibles” who account for nearly half of all uninsured adults?

Jeanne Leong

Iran Releases Scholar Invited to Teach at Penn Law

PHILADELPHIA -- An Iranian legal scholar has been released from custody after being detained by Iran for several months as he awaited U.S. visa clearance to travel to Philadelphia as a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Jeanne Leong, Mark Eyerly

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Lawyers Told Gina Haspel Torture Was Legal. But It Never Was.

Claire Finkelstein and Stephen Xenakis of the Law School’s Center for Ethics and Rule of Law co-wrote an exploration of C.I.A. director nominee Gina Haspel’s culpability for “enhanced interrogation techniques” that occurred at the secret detention site she oversaw in 2002.


The New York Times

Amazon, the Elephant in the Antitrust Room

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp warned that companies claiming that merging is a necessary preemptive strike against large competitors like Amazon may find that such a claim could be used to validate nearly any merger.


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Hundreds of Human Trafficking Victims Freed in 13 Countries After Vast Interpol Operation

The Law School’s Sarah Paoletti explained how people escaping labor trafficking can unwittingly violate their visas, leaving them vulnerable to deportation. Paoletti recommended that rescue operations take a “victim-centered approach” in order to prevent re-trafficking.



Opinion: Using Antitrust Laws to Break Up Amazon, Facebook and Google Is Just Political Fantasy

Herbert Hovenkamp of the Law School and the Wharton School discussed antitrust law and identified key traits of monopolistic behavior. Hovenkamp stated that Amazon hasn’t committed antitrust violations with their competitively low margins.


Houston Chronicle

Deputy's Body Cam Was Charging When Unarmed Man Fatally Shot

Amanda Woog of the Law School is quoted on the scrutiny of police shootings and violence and its effect on police departments.