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Negotiating a truce in the war on drugs

A Penn Law symposium brought together experts from the legal, law enforcement, social work, and policy camps to discuss how to refocus the decades-long fight to be less punitive and more protective.

Gwyneth K. Shaw

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The New York Times

Should the government give everyone $1,000 a month?

Ioana Marinescu of the School of Social Policy & Practice was quoted for her defense of universal basic income, which some have claimed would create an unmotivated workforce. “It reduces the number of hours individuals work but not the total number of people classified as employed,” she said.


The Washington Post

Is a recession looming? Here’s what experts on the economy are watching

Ioana Marinescu of the School of Social Policy & Practice weighed in on the possibility of a recession in the near future. “I expect a recession any day now, because it’s been almost 12 years since the last trough,” she said. “However, it’s impossible to predict with high accuracy when it will happen since recessions are often precipitated by market panics coalescing around a particular event that is usually hard to anticipate.”


USA Today

Motels as homeless shelters? More local governments are housing people in motel rooms

Dennis Culhane of the School of Social Policy & Practice discussed the advantages of repurposing old motels as shelters for people experiencing homelessness. “First of all, it’s built, so there’s no acquiring property and going through the process of getting architectural drawings and building something from scratch,” he said. “You have an asset that you can basically just polish up and improve.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Each night, Philly jails release scores of inmates without returning their IDs, cash or phones

Ruth Shefner of the School of Social Policy & Practice commented on the release of incarcerated people without regard to the time of day and its effect on the people being released.


The New York Times

Baby steps toward guaranteed incomes and racial justice

Amy Castro Baker of the School of Social Policy & Practice said, of the effects of poverty on mental and physical health, that “science shows us that financial stress shows up in the body over time.”