Howard Stevenson

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania

One of the nation’s leading authorities on effective parenting and African-American psychology, Dr. Stevenson can discuss how parents can talk to children about violence and tragedies. He can discuss behavioral indicators that a child might be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, youth resiliency and the psychological adjustment of children, adolescents and families, particularly after a horrific event.

He teaches better parenting and conflict-resolution skills through P.L.A.A.Y, Preventing Long-term Anger and Aggression in Youth, and he is the author of Stickin' to, Watchin' Over & Gettin' With: An African-American Parent's Guide to Discipline.

Dr. Stevenson can demonstrate how his research into racial problem-solving directly relates to talking with black males about healthy behavioral and emotional strategies in dealing with stress and feelings of oppression. 

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