Penn’s Perry World House Awarded $498,000 for Work Focused on Global Policy Challenges

The University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House has been awarded a two-year $498,000 grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York for research and programming to impact critical emerging global policy issues. 

Through this grant, Perry World House, Penn’s recently-launched global research and policy center, will work to bridge the gap between academia and the policy world around the most pressing issues in global affairs. 

“This is a remarkable opportunity to do the work that matters most in connecting academic research and insights to policy change,” said Michael Horowitz, principal investigator, associate director of Perry World House, and professor of political science. “The grant will support our work on emerging and complex global policy issue areas where academics have great research, insights, and roles to play.” 

The grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York enables Perry World House, through its Global Innovation Program, to create a series of multi-disciplinary workshops that connect academics and policymakers in several critical global policy areas; support policy-relevant research linked to each workshop; and create new media platforms – podcasts, video shorts, blogs, etc. – to disseminate findings from these workshops in ways that will generate faster and broader change. 

The Global Innovation Program is the vehicle through which Perry World House advances its research and policy agenda, bringing Penn’s academic knowledge to bear on major global policy challenges. The Global Innovation Program houses two inaugural research themes: Global Shifts: Urbanization, Migration, and Demography and the Future of the Global Order: Power, Technology, and Governance. In each theme, the Global Innovation Program convenes interdisciplinary dialogues that bring together the worlds of policy and academia to generate impactful research products that influence policymaking in global affairs. 

“We see ourselves as a catalytic force across the whole of the University of Pennsylvania,” said William Burke-White, Richard Perry Professor of Law and inaugural director of Perry World House. “This grant could not be timelier, both in terms of our role within Penn and the absolute need for a more synergistic relationship between the academic and policy worlds in the global policy realm.” 

The Perry World House grant was one of 30 grants the board of Carnegie Corporation of New York approved under its International Program in its September 2017 quarterly meeting. 

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Perry World House. Photo by Steve Minicola.