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Penn announces five 2021 Thouron Scholars

Four seniors and a 2019 graduate have received a Thouron Award to pursue graduate studies in the United Kingdom. Each scholarship winner receives tuition for as long as two years, as well as travel and living stipends, to earn a graduate degree there.

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Annenberg researchers use data science skills for social justice

Data scientists at the Annenberg School for Communication are working with the Amistad Law Project to create an open access dashboard of data that can aid efforts to help the incarcerated communiy.

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Biden takes his ‘America is back’ message to the world in Munich speech

Diana Mutz of the School of Arts & Sciences and Annenberg School for Communication said many Trump supporters are animated by the desire to return to a simpler time. “They’re experiencing change and that this is threatening,” she said. “The advantages that these groups enjoyed aren't there to the same extent.”


The Washington Post

From Mayor Pete to Secretary Buttigieg: Appearances hint at expansive role for next transportation chief

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center spoke about Pete Buttigieg’s appointment to the role of transportation secretary. “Pete Buttigieg is a master of reframing, and he is unflappable,” she said. “He stays calm. He does not become defensive. He’s basically becoming a spokesperson for the administration.”


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Iranian show irks Iraqi Kurds, portraying them as weak against IS terror

Mohammed A. Salih, a doctoral candidate in the Annenberg School for Communication, spoke about an Iranian propaganda film that aims to portray Kurdish leadership as weak and to commemorate Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in a U.S. drone strike a year ago. The film “promotes the Islamic Republic of Iran as the savior of the entire region, through Soleimani’s superhero-like character, from the Islamic State and Sunni jihadi takfiris in general,” said Salih.


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6 strategies for cooling it down on social media

Damon Centola of the Annenberg School for Communication shared his findings on how to improve communication between individuals with polarized political viewpoints.


USA Today

Why there's hope Joe Biden's quest to unify America will work

Matthew Levendusky of the School of Arts & Sciences and Annenberg Public Policy Center and Dominik Stecula of Colorado State University, a former APPC postdoc, wrote about an experiment that successfully used short conversations between Americans with different political views to reduce partisan hostility.