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A ‘holiday office party’ podcast

In the latest episode of Penn Today's “Office Hours” podcast series, and the final installment of 2019, three returning guests join for a chat about the holiday season, the decade that’s been, and the year ahead.

Brandon Baker

How rituals shape our world

An Annenberg class about ritual communication encourages students to employ ethnography and textual analysis to think about the unique language of rituals and their endurance.

Penn Today Staff

In the News

The New York Times

Why Trump persists

Diana Mutz of the Annenberg School for Communication and School of Arts and Sciences spoke about the effects of education on individual world views. “Every study I’ve ever seen across the social sciences shows that education promotes less in-group favoritism and greater tolerance toward those unlike ourselves,” she said. “In panel studies that track the same people over time, as people gain advanced levels of education, they become more tolerant and favorable toward liberal democratic norms.”


Los Angeles Times

Is a supermarket discount coupon worth giving away your privacy?

Joseph Turow of the Annenberg School for Communication said new corporate disclosure forms for a grocery chain’s customer loyalty program are “scandalous.” “Why does a grocer need to know so much about its customers?” he asked.


The Hill

Critics fear Facebook fact-checkers losing misinformation fight

Eugene Kiely of the Annenberg Public Policy Center spoke about and how the site manages Facebook content for review.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’ did not increase number of teen suicides, study finds

Dan Romer of the Annenberg Public Policy Center reanalyzed data on adolescent suicides and found no evidence of a significant increase in suicides after the release of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” series. “Researchers are looking for that negative effect, and maybe ignoring the fact that some of these shows may help people,” he said. “For some people, the show reduced suicidal tendencies, but it also had a detrimental effect on others. You can’t disentangle them.”


Christian Science Monitor

How political tribalism is leading to more political hypocrisy

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center spoke about how the impeachment process is testing U.S. political systems. “We’re seeing a point at which we’re calling into question whether our institutions can function the way they were intended to function in a polarized age,” she said.