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Local news volume does not increase pro-social behaviors during COVID-19

Previous research found people were more likely to engage in civic behaviors—like voting, recycling, or wearing a face covering—when their local newspaper includes coverage of these activities. New research finds that may not be as relevant anymore.

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Biden on cognitive test: ‘Why the hell would I take a test?’

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center said verbal slips are not enough to conclude that a presidential candidate is unqualified for the job. “If you can’t focus, that’s a problem. If you can’t provide a coherent answer, that’s a problem. (But) sometimes what you’re seeing, it may be annoying, but it doesn’t speak to a person’s capacity to govern,” she said.


The Washington Post

Facebook’s fact-checkers have ruled claims in Trump ads are false—but no one is telling Facebook’s users

Facebook employed fact checkers, including the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s, to assess political ads on the platform but has not shared the results with the ads’ viewers. “The policy should be that you provide Facebook users with as much information as you can to make good decisions. That’s why we’re here,” said Eugene Kiely of “I don’t see how you can argue against giving Facebook users more information.”


Once again, there is no 'anti-conservative' bias on social media

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center said accusations of systemic bias against conservatives by social media platforms are unfounded, in part because there’s no way to prove it. “From a methodological standpoint, it’s virtually impossible to do,” she said. “You'll never capture the full base of the content in order to start your analysis.”


The Washington Post

Conservative media helps Trump perform ‘law and order’ in Portland, with risks for November

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center spoke about media coverage of the federal crackdown in Portland, Oregon. “The framing of this is dramatically different news channel to news channel, and this is an instance in which the visuals are difficult to understand because you’re seeing people in what look to be a kind of military uniform, and it’s unfolding at night,” she said.


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Hedge funds scoop up local newspapers withering under COVID-19 cuts

Victor Pickard of the Annenberg School for Communication commented on efforts by hedge funds to acquire struggling newspapers. “This is bad for journalists, bad for media diversity and bad for communities at a time when we desperately need more local journalism, not less,” he said.