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The Israeli elections, explained

What’s next for Israel, and the stalled Middle East peace process, after this week’s Israeli elections? In a Q&A, experts Ian Lustick and Eytan Gilboa analyze the results and discuss what to expect.

Gwyneth K. Shaw

A conversation with Mr. Fish

Penn Today kicks off its “Office Hours” podcast series with a one-on-one chat with Annenberg School for Communication lecturer and outspoken political cartoonist, Dwayne Booth.

Brandon Baker

In the News

Philadelphia Inquirer

Trump-friendly Newsmax bundled into Comcast’s Xfinity service

The Annenberg School for Communication’s Victor Pickard discussed conservative news channel Newsmax and its recent deal with Comcast. If Comcast is “feeling the heat from the right, it will make sense to appease some of those critics,” said Pickard.



The Mueller report is embarrassing for Trump, but it doesn’t call into question his 2016 win

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center was cited for her book Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President.


The Hill

If e-cigarettes help smokers quit, treat them as any other prescription medicine

Dan Romer of the Annenberg Public Policy Center wrote an op-ed about e-cigarettes and smoking cessation. “If these products are meant to shift cigarette smokers away from their habit, and if that is where their value lies, then let FDA evaluate their effectiveness as a smoking cessation device for smokers. If they prove to be effective, make e-cigarettes available by prescription only,” Romer proposed.


The Atlantic

I gave up and let Instagram shop for me

Emily Hund, a doctoral candidate in the Annenberg School for Communication, is quoted on how Instagram serves advertisers and audiences aesthetically and ideologically.



In lieu of ‘objectivity,’ journalism professors argue for credibility and directness

Barbie Zelizer of the Annenberg School for Communication spoke about the problematic nature of “objectivity” in journalism, which she considers an “unachievable ideal.”