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When you watch online porn, who is watching you?

A forthcoming study from the Annenberg School for Communication analyzed over 22,000 pornography websites and found that 93% of them were sending user data to at least one third party.

Penn Today Staff

Echo chambers may not be as dangerous as you think

Research on the “wisdom of crowds” has found that access to information exchange can increase the likelihood that beliefs are accurate, even contentious partisan political beliefs, among homogenous groups.

Penn Today Staff

The Israeli elections, explained

What’s next for Israel, and the stalled Middle East peace process, after this week’s Israeli elections? In a Q&A, experts Ian Lustick and Eytan Gilboa analyze the results and discuss what to expect.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

American flags in Hong Kong show people still fight for our values. Americans should join them

Carolyn Marvin of the Annenberg School for Communication spoke about the relationship between Chinese protestors and American symbolism. The U.S. flag, she said, “represents democracy and—on a good day—it represents human rights.”


USA Today

A USA Today analysis found Trump used words like 'invasion' and 'killer' at rallies more than 500 times since 2017

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center commented on anti-immigrant violence, saying, “President Trump’s dehumanizing rhetoric about those seeking entry at the southern border creates a climate conducive to hostile action.”


Associated Press

Bernie Sanders thinks media is unfair, so he created his own

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center commented on Bernie Sanders’ livestreamed campaign programming, which seeks to reach supporters without a media filter. “I think Bernie Sanders became accustomed to the level of news attention that a fresh face attacking the establishment normally gets and now thinks, [if] he got that attention in 2016, he should be getting it now, and, if not, there must be something wrong with the press,” she said.


Associated Press

Trump’s harsh words on ‘squad’ reinforce dark posts online

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg School for Communication commented on President Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric. By casting U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar and other political opponents as enemies of the nation, Trump aims to discredit “the loyalty, patriotism, and ability to act on behalf of the U.S. of an elected official,” says Jamieson.


The Wall Street Journal

Behind the scenes of Netflix’s call to alter ‘13 Reasons Why’ episode

Joseph Turow of the Annenberg School of Communication spoke about Netflix’s decision to edit out a graphic suicide scene from one of its original programs. “The way they did it on television in that episode seems to have hit a nerve,” he said. “Once it becomes pictorialized, it takes on a new level of scrutiny and concern.”