Campus & Community

An affirmation tree grows on campus

Through a Penn Wellness and Sachs grant, Elana Burack, a senior religious studies major, is touring the ‘Affirmation Tree’ around campus, soliciting reflections from the University community at large.

Brandon Baker

A vigil to remember, a vigil for hope

“We hold out for better days to come and we will always hold tightly to one another,” Penn’s President Amy Gutmann said, addressing a crowd at a vigil for the New Zealand mosque shooting victims.

Lauren Hertzler

Higher ed as ‘hubs for common ground’

At the Wharton Global Forum in Shanghai, Penn President Amy Gutmann said high-quality higher education has the potential to transform lives, communities, and the world.

Penn Today Staff

In the News

Philadelphia Inquirer

University of Pennsylvania Health System names insider as new CEO, succeeding Ralph Muller

Kevin Mahoney has been named CEO of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. President Amy Gutmann praised Mahoney’s “profound personal commitment to Penn’s ambitious vision to build the academic health system of the future.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Head of Morris Arboretum retiring after more than 42 years, a rare tenure in botanical world

Paul Meyer was profiled for his 42-year career at the Morris Arboretum, which was transformed under his leadership. Still, he remains modest. “I played a role, but it’s a team of people. ‘We stand on the shoulders of giants,’” said Meyer. “That’s been my philosophy.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

The push is on at college career centers: They work with students earlier and alumni decades later

Career Services’ Barbara Hewitt spoke about Penn’s lifelong support for alumni seeking career guidance.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Amid marketing and social-media onslaughts, Gen Z women have to find ourselves

Sophomore Claire Sliney of Los Angeles wrote an op-ed about efforts by women of her generation to “develop our own authentic identities in this world inundated with nonstop content and manipulative marketing.”


Chronicle of Higher Education

How UPenn cut counseling wait times in half without hiring more counselors

Meeta Kumar and other Counseling and Psychological Services staffers spoke about their efforts to increase access to mental health care on Penn’s campus. To cut wait times in half, administrators studied data and student complaints, empowered frontline employees, and helped counselors balance their caseloads.