Campus & Community

Hands-on learning in the greenhouse

A revamped lesson in plant diversity added a tour of the campus greenhouse for students in introductory biology courses. Greenhouse coordinator Samara Gray worked with Linda Robinson and Karl Siegert to enhance the curriculum, incorporating lessons about plant biology and taxonomy that rely on the wide range of specimens present.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Documenting refugees

A documentary film by Penn junior Sonari Chidi and a panel discussion at Perry World House focused on the depiction of refugees and immigrants in the media.

Louisa Shepard

The flower that blooms in the winter

The witchhazel is a species of flower that blooms in cold temperatures and lives around campus, and in abundance at the Morris Arboretum. The Arboretum’s Anthony Aiello talks the ins and outs of the strange species.

Brandon Baker

Pint-size philosophers

By engaging with Philadelphia elementary students and high school teachers, Penn professor Karen Detlefsen is opening young minds to a new kind of philosophical thinking.

Michele W. Berger

In the News

WHYY (Philadelphia)

Penn Museum preserves a little bit of Egypt for display during renovation

The Penn Museum’s Jennifer Wegner and Julian Siggers spoke about the new, temporary exhibit, “Ancient Egypt: From Discovery to Display.” The display, designed to resemble an archeological lab, “was an opportunity for us to bring the public to see how a gallery unfolds,” said Siggers.


Philadelphia Inquirer

She’s only a sophomore at Penn and she’s nominated for an Oscar

Sophomore Claire Sliney of Los Angeles is the first Penn student to be nominated for an Academy Award while currently enrolled. Sliney is the executive producer of “Period. End of Sentence.” It is a documentary short film about the fight against menstrual stigma in rural India.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Penn Libraries and venerable Philadelphia Athenaeum form bookish alliance

The Libraries have entered a partnership with the Athenaeum, Philadelphia’s last remaining subscription library. “Our new library partnership with the Athenaeum of Philadelphia makes easily accessible the Athenaeum’s unmatched collection of historic architectural publications and other documentation for the study of this rich legacy,” said David Brownlee, a School of Arts and Sciences professor and an Athenaeum board member. Jon Shaw and Constantia Constantinou were also quoted.



Love and college admission

In an article comparing college acceptances to valentines, Dean Eric J. Furda of Admissions said “the concept of the ‘ideal partner’ may not have a place in the college search process, lest we set ourselves up for disappointment and denial.” However, he said, “in the end, I do believe the vast majority of students find their true love; it just may come from previously unexpected places and takes an open-minded person.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Running club chases down theft suspect in University City

The Annenberg (Lunchtime) Running Club was lauded for its role in capturing a man accused of theft during one of their triweekly outings. “Running is typically a useless sport where you turn fat cells into heat, but occasionally it can be useful, and here was one of those opportunities,” said founding member Kyle Cassidy.