A robot made of sticks

Devin Carroll, a doctoral candidate in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is designing a modular robot called StickBot, which may be adapted for rehabilitation use in global public health settings.

Kristina García

Five Penn faculty named 2021 Sloan Research Fellows

The fellowship recognizes extraordinary U.S. and Canadian researchers whose creativity, innovation, and research accomplishments make them stand out as the next generation of scientific leaders.

Erica K. Brockmeier

GRASP Lab’s coolest robot yet

The Lab’s latest GRASP Lab’s latest modular robotic system is a series of units made out of blocks of ice. These robots could be deployed to research in the Antarctic, or even an extraterrestrial planet.

Evan Lerner

In the News

The New York Times

The long road to driverless trucks

Steve Viscelli of the School of Arts & Sciences comments on the complexities and uncertainties of the emerging self-driving truck industry.


New Scientist

Drone swarm that 3D prints cement structures could construct buildings

Robert Stuart-Smith of the Weitzman School of Design and colleagues demonstrate how 3D-printing drones can create large structures made of foam or cement, paving the way for future construction efforts.


iTech Post

University of Pennsylvania researchers develop microrobots that can brush, floss your teeth

Hun Michel Koo of the School of Dental Medicine, Edward Steager of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and colleagues have created automated shapeshifting microrobots with the ability to brush, floss, and rinse teeth.


The New York Times

The supply chain broke. Robots are supposed to help fix it

Steve Viscelli of the School of Arts & Sciences says that labor shortage claims are industry-lobbying rhetoric meant to reframe the issue as a scarcity of workers rather than a lack of decent jobs.


Interesting Engineering

A swarm of tiny robots could soon brush and floss your teeth for you

A multidisciplinary Penn team including Michael Koo of the School of Dental Medicine and Edward Steager of the School of Engineering and Applied Science has created an automated way to brush and floss through robotics, a potentially useful development for those unable to clean their teeth themselves.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly hosts a robot lollapalooza, attracting 4,500 roboticists and showing off devices that fly, swim, and enter the body

Vijay Kumar of the School of Engineering and Applied Science is quoted on the International Conference on Robotics and Automation and how robotics has become a fundamental discipline in engineering education.