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Marking a monumental death

In honor of the first anniversary of the killing of Mahsa (Jîna) Amini in Iran and the subsequent outpouring of protest, Penn will host a two-day conference on violence against women.

Kristen de Groot

A call for less talk and more action on luxury emissions

Shelley Welton, Presidential Distinguished Professor of Law and Energy Policy at Penn Carey Law and the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, argues for a luxury emissions tax that would focus on grossly excessive personal carbon emissions.

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The disability docket

Penn Carey Law professors Jasmine Harris and Karen Tani have published a paper in American University Law Review that highlights the disability through-line in the Supreme Court’s recent cases.

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The history-making Law dean’s eight dynamic years

During his tenure, Penn Carey Law School Dean Ted Ruger closed the largest gift ever to a law school, revitalized the faculty and the curriculum, and handled the pandemic masterfully.

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In the News

There’s no way the Georgia prosecutions of Donald Trump and Mark Meadows belong in federal court

In an Op-Ed, Claire Finkelstein of Penn Carey Law explains why the Hatch Act prevents Donald Trump and Mark Meadows from transferring their criminal cases in Georgia to federal court.



The case for why the Constitution blocks Trump being president again

In an Op-Ed, Kermit Roosevelt of Penn Carey Law argues that a long-neglected part of the 14th Amendment prevents Donald Trump from being on the 2024 presidential ballot.


Al Jazeera

Georgia indictment to ‘solidify’ Trump’s support for now, analysts say

Claire Finkelstein of Penn Carey Law says that the large number of Trump confidants indicted alongside him in Georgia increases the likelihood that some may turn on the former president.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Will Georgia case against Trump end up in federal court?

Claire Finkelstein of Penn Carey Law doesn’t believe that Donald Trump can prevail in arguing that he was acting in his capacity as president while trying to win an election.



Yellow is having an odd bankruptcy as new loan offers pour in

David Skeel of Penn Carey Law says that the prospect of multiple bids for Yellow is a good thing, despite the irony that they’re funding a business that’s completely shutting down.