Penn Carey Law

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s legacy

Three Penn experts—Annenberg Public Policy Center director Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Marci A. Hamilton of the School of Arts & Sciences, and former Penn Carey Law School dean Ted Ruger—share their thoughts on the history-making justice.

Kristen de Groot

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Larry Fink’s anti-‘woke’ critics confront a force more powerful than politics

Jill E. Fisch of Penn Carey Law says that it’s legal to invest according to values but only with a mandate to do so and with proper disclosure.


The Wall Street Journal

FuboTV sues to block ESPN, Warner and Fox sports-streaming service

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp says that joint ventures between media competitors can injure rivals that don’t have access to the same programming.


The Hill

We must protect the right to seek asylum

In a co-authored Op-Ed, Sarah Paoletti of Penn Carey Law says that U.S. immigration and deportation systems are failing to adequately protect people in need of asylum.



Donald Trump’s big election problem—‘likely voters’

Cary Coglianese of Penn Carey Law says that general polls feature members of the public who are expressing more of a feeling about the state of affairs, such as the economy, in comparison with voters who intend to go to the ballot box.


The Wall Street Journal

‘Default’ review: When a nation goes bust

In a book review, David Skeel of Penn Carey Law says that Argentina’s national debt situation indicates the need for a framework for sovereign bankruptcy.