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Racial disparities in pediatric diabetes treatment

Despite similar outpatient appointment attendance rates, significant disparities in continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump use were observed in non-Hispanic Black children over 20 years.

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Penn Nursing’s innovation ecosystem

In the past five years, the school has been intentional about creating an atmosphere that rewards risk-taking and supports failures. It’s led to story slams and accelerators and a shift to an innovation-centric mindset.

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State laws are key to HIV prevention efforts

Data show that four of five people who could benefit from PrEP did not access the medication in 2018. A new study from Penn Nursing finds that states with comprehensive nondiscrimination laws for sexual and gender minorities have a higher PrEP-to-need ratio.

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COVID vaccines: An opportunity for science?

Alison Buttenheim of the School of Nursing spoke about the hesitancy surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. “It looks like right now about half of adults, in the U.S. at least, say they are likely to get the vaccine—this moves around a bit—but another 20-30% either say they’re maybe unlikely or might want to wait,” she says.



‘Don’t let COVID fatigue trick you’: How to survive winter as the pandemic rages on

Alison Buttenheim of the School of Nursing spoke about COVID-19 fatigue, in which acclimation to pandemic-related restrictions has led some to feel less threatened by the virus. “Even if we acknowledge that generally everyone should cancel travel plans and not host large gatherings, we cut ourselves slack and license our own behavior because we’ve convinced ourselves that it’s less risky or we have a special exception,” she said.


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Women who inspire: Culturists breaking through during COVID-19

Alison Buttenheim of the School of Nursing helped found “Dear Pandemic,” a project that recruits doctoral-degree-holding women to answer complex questions about the coronavirus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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Penn president and husband donate $2 million for nursing scholars program at the university

President Amy Gutmann and her husband, Michael Doyle, have donated $2 million to the School of Nursing to establish leadership scholarships for undergrads and grad students.


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Exploring 'open air' schools, used during tuberculosis outbreak

Cindy Connolly of the School of Nursing spoke about Philadelphia’s open-air schools, which were built to slow the spread of tuberculosis in the early 20th century. The schools even operated in winter. "They would wear what they called little Eskimo suits that looked to me like sleeping bags with hoods," she said.