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Social distancing and dying alone

COVID-19 has led to drastic changes in how hospitals provide end-of-life care to patients and their families. With strict no-visiting limitations in place in an effort to stem contagion, patients have been dying alone.

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LGBTQ data added to the state’s COVID-19 testing

Experts weigh in on the state’s decision to add LGBTQ data collection to COVID-19 testing. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced on March 13 that the state will include LGBTQ-specific information as part of its COVID-19 data collection.

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Fighting the coronavirus infodemic

Alison Buttenheim of the School of Nursing spoke about the spread of misinformation online. "In our hyper-polarized and politicized climate, many folks just inherently mistrust advice or evidence that comes from an opposing political party," she said.


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Social media’s ‘infodemic’

Dominic Sisti and Raina Merchant of the Perelman School of Medicine and Alison Buttenheim of the School of Nursing discussed the role of social media in public health.


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Indoors, yelling and packed crowds: Experts sound alarm ahead of Trump's Tulsa rally amid coronavirus

Alison Buttenheim of the School of Nursing said an indoor political rally in the middle of a pandemic is “a terrible idea. I would be saying that if it was Joe Biden’s rally; I’d be saying it if a dog catcher candidate was holding a rally,” she said.


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Amid pain and powerful protests, Philadelphia still found a way to be Philly. Here are 10 of those moments

Marion Leary of the School of Nursing spoke about how she and her family have participated in recent protests. “Philly is an incredible city of caring, committed people,” she said. “Philadelphians love our city and I believe are always willing to show up and help each other out.”


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As states reopen, here’s what parents should know about distanced play dates, expanded social bubbles and more

Alison Buttenheim of the School of Nursing offered advice to those considering expanding their social contact as shelter-in-places orders are lifted. “Wearing a mask, plus staying at least six feet (and farther) away, plus keeping the time together short is a good decision-making formula,” she said.