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Coding the emotions that anti-tobacco ads evoke

Sophomore Oulaya Louaddi and junior Gabriela Montes de Oca interned this summer with Annenberg’s Andy Tan, helping the research team design and test culturally appropriate anti-smoking campaigns for young women who identify as sexual minorities.

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Guidelines support breastfeeding during parent-newborn separation

A team of scientists led by a researcher from the School of Nursing has established a new clinical practice guideline using an evidence-based approach to support lactation when parents and newborns are separated due to a hospitalization.

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Improving patient experiences in cancer clinical trials

Cancer clinical trials (CCTs) provide patients an opportunity to receive experimental drugs, tests, and/or procedures that can lead to remissions. For some, a CCT may seem like their only option. Yet little is known about the experiences of patient participants who withdraw from CCTs.

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Scaling the model of care for patients with opioid use disorder

Data show that concurrent with the opioid overdose crisis, there has been an increase in hospitalizations of people with opioid use disorder. One in ten of these hospitalized medical or surgical patients have comorbid opioid-related diagnoses.

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100 years of insulin

On July 27, 1921, Canadian doctors Frederick Banting and Charles Best successfully isolated the hormone insulin, one of the most important breakthroughs in treating diabetes. Experts from around the University share their thoughts on the medical triumph on the 100th anniversary.

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Guess which states are best at requiring vaccines? Not the ones you might think

Alison Buttenheim of the School of Nursing says the success of vaccine policies can vary widely depending on how they are implemented.


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High pay for traveling nurses a symptom and cause of staff shortages

Karen Lasater of the School of Nursing said nursing jobs with good pay and reasonable staff-patient ratios are in short supply. “It’s not a nursing shortage,” she said.


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With COVID-19 still a big problem nationwide, large percentage of nurses struggling with burnout

Linda Aiken of the School of Nursing is quoted on nursing shortages and how funded, permanent, full-time positions in the settings where they’re needed will help.


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The F.D.A. grants full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine

Alison Buttenheim of the School of Nursing is quoted on the rates of vaccine hesitancy despite FDA vaccine approval.


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Yes, nurses are heroes. Let’s treat them like it

Linda Aiken of the School of Nursing wrote an opinion piece calling on policymakers to implement safer nurse-patient ratios. “While we long to go back to pre-COVID life, going back to chronic nurse understaffing in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools would be a big mistake,” she said.