School of Nursing

The allure of fad diets, and why they fail

In a new book, Penn nutritional anthropologist Janet Chrzan and Kima Cargill of the University of Washington, Tacoma, explain the cultural, social, and psychological fixation on fad diets and why they don’t typically succeed.

Michele W. Berger

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The Washington Post

Foundations, major donors tackle nation’s nursing shortage

A $125 million gift from alumnus Leonard Lauder has created a tuition-free program at the School of Nursing that will eventually train 40 nurse practitioners each year for decades to come.


NBC News

People lost more weight when they were offered cash incentives

Colleen Tewksbury of the School of Nursing says that financial incentives could bolster tracking tools to help keep patients engaged with their weight loss.


The Peninsula (Qatar)

Qatar University research finds tea consumption improves cognitive function

A joint study by Jianghong Liu of the School of Nursing and Qatar University finds that higher tea intake is associated with reduced cognitive decline in adults.


Albuquerque Journal

Nurse practitioners serving NM’s health care needs

A quoted study by the School of Nursing found that hospitals with nurse practitioners had fewer deaths after common surgeries, as well as shorter hospital stays and decreased Medicare costs for patients.


Family Safety & Health

Speeding, hard braking, cellphones: Researchers look at teens’ unsafe driving behaviors

A study by Catherine McDonald of the School of Nursing and colleagues finds that risky behaviors are relatively common among teen drivers, including handheld cellphone use and speeding.