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Napping Can Help Tired Teens’ Performance in School

The School of Nursing’s Jianghong Liu helped study the impact of sleep timing, duration, and quality on neurocognitive functioning in students. The findings suggest a relationship between regular midday napping and neurocognitive function, especially in China, where afternoon rest is more of a cultural norm than in the U.S.


The Washington Post

Stay in School or Get Married? In 1965, the President’s Daughter Had to Choose.

Julie Fairman of the School of Nursing contextualized mid-century demands on aspiring nurses to remain unmarried.


Inside Higher Ed

Confronting the Opioid Crisis

Ph.D. candidate Clare Whitney of the School of Nursing counters the narrative that access to naloxone, which can rapidly reverse opioid overdose, encourages addicts to continue using. Whitney explained that naloxone isn’t the problem; access to proper care is.


USA Today

The Toll of Distracted Driving Hits Home for Washington Township Family

Catherine MacDonald of the School of Nursing and CHOP discussed the gap between teens’ use of cellphones while behind the wheel and their awareness of the activity’s dangers. She recommended that parents implement stricter rules about distracted driving.


NBC Philadelphia

How to Keep Your Teen From Distracted Driving

Kate McDonald of the School of Nursing and CHOP discussed distracted driving and her research on teen drivers’ relationship to technology and connectivity. (Video)