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An overdose drug is finally over-the-counter. Is that enough to stop the death toll?

Shoshana Aronowitz of the School of Nursing says that over-the-counter Narcan is a baby step in the right direction, not a game changer.


WHYY Radio (Philadelphia)

OTC Narcan hits Philly store shelves—but with early cost and access barriers

Shoshana Aronowitz of the School of Nursing is quoted on how the over-the-counter availability of Narcan has not solved the problem of drug addiction and overdosing.


Los Angeles Times

Much-needed nurses are flocking to California—for some of the same reasons others are fleeing 

Linda Aiken of the School of Nursing says that California’s nurse-patient ratios have helped improve health outcomes and that patients there receive three hours more care per day than those in other states.


Association of Health Care Journalists

A primer for covering the nursing and hospital battle over mandatory minimum staffing ratios

Matthew McHugh of the School of Nursing contributes to tips for journalists who have to dig into the fine points of new legislation to discern how a particular piece will affect patients.


Al Día

Study points to concern in the community of caregivers about the aging of the Hispanic population

Adriana Pérez of the School of Nursing says that one of the main challenges for Latino caregivers is the lack of outreach.