mRNA Research

Penn Vet launches mRNA Research Initiative

The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine today announced the mRNA Research Initiative to advance veterinary vaccine science.

Martin Hackett

Breaching the blood-brain barrier

A team of researchers in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has devised a method to deliver mRNA into the brain using lipid nanoparticles, potentially advancing treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and seizures.

Nathi Magubane

Could a single shot heal heart disease?

Experts at Penn Medicine are researching novel treatments for heart disease, including CRISPR gene editing technology, CAR T technology, and mRNA injections.

Rachel Ewing

In the News

Deutsche Welle

A vaccine for pancreatic cancer?

Drew Weissman of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on the efficacy of a potential pancreatic cancer vaccine.


Scientific American

Pancreatic cancer vaccine shows promise in small initial trial

Drew Weissman of the Perelman School of Medicine is supportive of findings about a pancreatic cancer vaccine, though he says larger studies are needed to determine effectiveness.