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Penn Vet dual degrees: The student experience

The expansion of the dual degree program is timely, given the recent perfect storm of a pandemic; growing awareness of social, racial and economic inequity; and increased impact of climate change .

From Penn Vet

The world according to Walter Palmer

The educator, organizer, and alumnus discusses his six decades of activism, growing up in the Black Bottom, studying and teaching at Penn, his work at CHOP, the student strike of 1967, the Vietnam War, Frank Rizzo, Donald Trump, school choice, gun violence, the Chauvin trial, and why he thinks racism should be declared a national public health crisis.

Greg Johnson

Fighting poverty with cash

Amy Castro Baker has helped deliver promising data out of Stockton, California, about the effects of giving people no-strings-attached money every month. Now boosted by a new research center at Penn that she’ll colead, more cities are jumping on board.

In the News

The Washington Post

A school district opted out of a free meals program, saying students could ‘become spoiled’

Ioana Marinescu of the School of Social Policy & Practice says that moving to a universal meal program provides important advantages for students and their families.


Boston Globe

How parents can help prevent campus sexual assault

Susan B. Sorenson of the School of Social Policy & Practice said parents can help prevent campus sexual assaults by asking college administrators about the topic. “It gives the message that parents care about this stuff as much as they do about academic advising and the dorm rooms and the policing or security system,” she said.


The big drop in American poverty during the pandemic, explained

When it comes to governments providing residents with basic income, Ioana Marinescu of the School of Social Policy & Practice said, “Our fear that people will quit their jobs en masse if provided with cash for free is false and misguided.”


USA Today

5 things you and your college-bound daughter need to know about campus sexual assault

Susan Sorenson of the School of Social Policy & Practice wrote an opinion piece about how parents can talk to their daughters about avoiding and/or surviving campus sexual assault. “If this conversation makes you uncomfortable now, imagine what it would be like to talk to her after a sexual assault,” she wrote.


The New York Times

A planned Biden order aims to tilt the job market toward workers

Research co-led by Ioana Marinescu of the School of Social Policy & Practice found that corporate mergers can create a job market heavily concentrated among a few employers, resulting in a 5-17% decline in wages.