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Sex workers’ rights

A Fulbright award augments Toorjo Ghose’s work to document and support the social movement happening among sex workers in India against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kristina García

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The Rooted School network: Experiencing success in college and work in high school

An analysis from the Center for Guaranteed Income Research at the School of Social Policy & Practice shows that supplying $50 a week to 10 seniors yielded positive financial and mental results.


Minneapolis Star Tribune

International Institute of Minnesota launches guaranteed income pilot program for refugees

The Center for Guaranteed Income Research at the School of Social Policy & Practice is noted as having more than 50 pilot programs running nationwide in cities of varying size.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee’s Housing First programs shows how lifting people out of homelessness can improve health, and cut costs

Dennis Culhane of the School of Social Policy & Practice estimates that the homeless population older than 65 will triple by 2030 and says that rental assistance works better than building shelters.



Here’s how to make it easier for workers to find better jobs

In a co-authored op-ed, Ioana Marinescu of the School of Social Policy & Practice outlines the key federal measures that could enable workers to find new, higher-paying jobs.


USA Today

Livestreamed violence compounds America’s horror and inspires copycats, experts say. When will it stop?

PIK Professor Desmond Upton Patton says that the digital trail of evidence left by violent criminals needs study, resources, and intervention to avoid exacerbating community trauma and damaging mental health, especially for people of color.