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By altering bone marrow, ‘training’ can prepare innate immune system for future challenges

George Hajishengallis of the School of Dental Medicine and an international team of colleagues have found that “training” the immune system causes changes in the precursors of immune cells in the bone marrow. These changes could facilitate a more robust response to future infections or even enable the immune system to regenerate faster after chemotherapy.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Opioid Epidemic

Opioid drug misuse and addiction are epidemic in the United States. Every day, 90 people lose their lives to opioid overdose and the economic burden of the crisis has climbed to an estimated $80 billion a year. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are spearheading multi-faceted solutions to address the problem.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Dentists Urged to Limit Opioid Prescriptions to Prevent Addiction

The School of Dental Medicine’s Elliot Hersh commented on Pennsylvania’s legal requirement that doctors screen patient histories for signs of opioid abuse. Hersh stated that for many dental patients over the counter pain relief can be just as effective.


Newsworks (WHYY-FM)

Leftover Painkillers Driving Opioid Crisis, Penn Researcher Says

Peggy Compton of the School of Nursing and Elliot V. Hersh of the School of Dental Medicine are quoted about participating in a panel discussion about the opioid crisis, along with Kyle Kampman of the Perelman School of Medicine, Mary Robinson of the School of Veterinary Medicine and Jeffrey Saven of the School of Arts & Sciences.


Philadelphia Inquirer

What Diabetic Mice Can Teach Us About Keeping Teeth Healthy

Dana Graves of the School of Dental Medicine is featured for researching the consequences of poorly managed diabetes on tooth and gum health.


The Washington Post

She’s a Rare Breed: A Dentist Who Makes Housecalls to the Elderly

A profile of the School of Dental Medicine’s Alisa Kauffman, a geriatric dentist who makes house calls.


Indian Express

How Diabetes Fosters Gum Disease

Dana Graves of the School of Dental Medicine is quoted on the connection between diabetes and gum disease.