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Three sisters share Penn Dental education

The trio of DMD students were raised in Lebanon and grew up in an environment where oral health care was inaccessible to the general population. At Penn Dental Medicine, they share a unique bond and a common vision for their future.

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Should you try oil pulling to boost your oral health? Dentists explain benefits and side effects

Dean Mark Wolff of the School of Dental Medicine says there aren’t enough robust, large-scale clinical studies or trials demonstrating the supposed benefits of oil pulling.


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Meet the Masterman junior who just represented Brazil in the Youth Olympics

Masterman junior and Youth Olympics speedskater Lucas Koo, the son of Hyun (Michel) Koo of the School of Dental Medicine, hopes to attend the Wharton School after graduation.


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A family affair: Three sisters stick together as they attend Penn Dental Medicine at the same time

Joanna Haddad, Mira-Belle Haddad, and Anna-Maria Haddad are making history as one of the few groups of three or more siblings to be simultaneously enrolled in the School of Dental Medicine.



Avoid opioids for short-term dental pain in kids, new guidelines say

The Center for Integrative Global Health at the School of Dental Medicine has endorsed guidelines discouraging opioid prescriptions for children with short-term dental pain.


The Washington Post

Expert tips on keeping your teeth clean and healthy

Olivia Sheridan of the School of Dental Medicine says that electric brushes may be easier to use for people who lack manual dexterity or who care for someone who needs help brushing their teeth.