Wharton School

Streaming endures growing pains

With several new contenders entering the streaming wars in the months ahead, faculty from Wharton and Cinema and Media Studies weigh in on the state of streaming and obstacles ahead.

Brandon Baker

Rarefied air

One of only a few female members of a college men’s basketball staff, Penn’s Sarah Parks has jumped into her new gig.

Penn Today Staff

Barcelona protests: An expert take

Barcelona erupted in chaos and violence in October after Spain’s Supreme Court sentenced former leaders of Catalonia’s independence push to steep prison sentences. Three Penn experts talk to Penn Today about the ruling, the protests, and what it all means for the upcoming Spanish elections.

Kristen de Groot

Removing human bias from predictive modeling

Predictive modeling is supposed to be neutral, a way to help remove personal prejudices from decision-making. But the algorithms are packed with the same biases that are built into the real-world data used to create them. 

Penn Today Staff

Why confidence is key to persuasion

Wharton’s Jonah Berger discusses his new research on how vocal cues affect a speaker’s ability to persuade others.

Penn Today Staff

Why good people still can’t get jobs

Wharton's Peter Cappelli discusses where companies have gone wrong in the hiring process, and contends that the economy doesn’t have as much to do with the hiring process as we would like to believe. 

Penn Today Staff

Mindfulness at work: A little bit goes a long way

New research from Wharton management professor Lindsey Cameron finds that including just a few minutes of mindfulness in each day makes employees more helpful and productive.

Penn Today Staff

In the News


Would you take a money-back guarantee from a 401(k)? (The answer should be no)

Olivia Mitchell of the Wharton School spoke about the downsides of money-back guarantees for retirement accounts.


The New York Times

Wegmans opens in Brooklyn; fans wait in the rain, and rejoice

Barbara Kahn of the Wharton School spoke about the continued success of brick-and-mortar grocery stores in the age of online delivery services. “Food is something you have to do in person,” she said. “You have to touch and feel food.”



Millennials might have to save 40 percent of their income if they want to retire

New research by Olivia Mitchell of the Wharton School found that millennials will need to save more than 40% of their income in order to retire by 65.



'Mindfulness' isn't the answer to our completely hellish workplaces

The Wharton School’s Lindsey Cameron comments on her work studying the impact of mediation on the workplace.


The New York Times

For the N.B.A., a sticky situation in China will linger

Witold Henisz of the Wharton School comments on the need for sports companies to have a political strategy.