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Why more companies are standing up on social issues

From the war in Ukraine to anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in Florida, companies are increasingly speaking out on social issues. Wharton management professor Stephanie Creary explains why silence is no longer golden for firms.

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Both nature and nurture contribute to signatures of socioeconomic status in the brain

Gideon Nave of the Wharton School and Martha Farah of the School of Arts & Sciences are quoted on their work that found evidence that both genetics and environmental influences contribute to the impact of socioeconomic status in a complex interplay with effects that span a variety of brain regions.


The New York Times

The rich are not who we think they are. And happiness is not what we think it is, either

Matthew Killingsworth of the Wharton School has debunked a popular myth that there is no effect of money on happiness beyond $75,000 per year, but he did confirm a law of diminishing returns to money.


The Wall Street Journal

Elon Musk’s belated disclosure of Twitter stake triggers regulators’ probes

Daniel Taylor of the Wharton School discusses the prospect of a regulatory lawsuit against Elon Musk.



Penn students win over $70,000 to revolutionize water and drug testing

First-year students Aravind Krishnan, Udit Garg, Andrew Diep-Tran, and Aarush Sahni have an idea they believe will transform drug and water testing, and they just won more than $70,000 to help launch it.



First Black woman confirmed for Fed as central bank enters Biden era

Peter Conti-Brown of the Wharton School comments on how the Fed is trying to orchestrate a disinflationary intervention that doesn’t throw the economy into a recession.