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The future of AI: How Wharton is leading the charge

The AI at Wharton Initiative and AI in Focus podcast series highlight the evolving and growing role of artificial intelligence in all areas of life, with Wharton as a global focal point for its study.

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Serving service members

There are more than 18 million veterans and an additional 1.6 million service members in the United States. Around 297 of them are students at Penn. In a Nov. 9 event, the University honored these students with an event coordinated by the Veteran and Military Affiliated Students program.

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Nine honored at Alumni Award of Merit Gala

At the 2023 Alumni Award of Merit Gala, eight distinguished alumni will receive Awards of Merit, the Creative Spirit Award, and the inaugural Penn Alumni Social Impact Award, and Camille Z. Charles will receive the Faculty Award of Merit.

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The economy and you

The latest episodes of the Wharton School’s faculty research podcast, ‘Ripple Effect,’ delve into the economics of the U.S. housing market, public policy, the possibility of recession, and the Federal Reserve.

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Trailblazer Elon Musk pushes a profane new frontier

Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School says that Elon Musk wishes to see himself as a rock star, not a business leader who needs to take account of many constituencies.


Business Insider

The hidden expense that’s sucking $74 billion out of the economy

Mark Pauly of the Wharton School says that insurance companies are raising premiums because they’ve already suffered substantial losses in their homeowners business or are trying to protect against that happening in the future.


USA Today

Why do millennials know so much about personal finance? (Hint: Ask their parents.)

Mauro Guillén of the Wharton School says that the Greatest Generation generally didn’t discuss money with their children, shielding the baby boom generation from the horrors of war and poverty.


Marketplace (NPR)

Facing pushback and government scrutiny, ESG investing may be headed for change

Witold Henisz of the Wharton School says that an annual letter in 2015 by Larry Fink, CEO of investment firm BlackRock, shifted the tone of ESG investing.


Investor’s Business Daily

How much money you need to be happy—and how to get there

A joint research project by Matthew Killingsworth of the Wharton School found that people who are well-off but unhappy only show more happiness up to a certain income threshold and then plateau.