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Two Penn alumni named inaugural Samvid Scholars

Two 2019 graduates, Haley Morin and Debbie Rabinovich have been chosen for the inaugural class of 20 Samvid Scholars for their academic and leadership achievements and demonstrated drive to make positive changes in society. 

Aaron Olson

How employees can become better organizational citizens

A new Wharton paper on employee culture proves that both supervisors and peers can be powerful agents of change when they are allowed to intervene at different times of the change process.

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Bad bosses: What’s wrong with labor algorithms

Wharton’s Lindsey Cameron discusses why policymakers and labor leaders contend that algorithms that allow companies to monitor an employee’s every move are unfair and dangerous.

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Jerome Powell’s swift action on Fed trading may boost his chances for a second term

Peter Conti-Brown of the Wharton School said Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell was remarkably quick to address an ethics scandal at the Fed. “I would hope those who oppose Jay Powell fight him vociferously on the merits,” he said. “I don’t think his trading or management to this process are disqualifying. The Fed is holding itself to a higher standard than the standard held for those critical politicians.”



Covid means remote workers can live anywhere. So where’s 'anywhere'?

Susan Wachter of the Wharton School spoke about how the shift to remote work may affect where employees choose to live. “Towns near amenities are the new hot spots now and for some time to come,” she said.


The Wall Street Journal

An insider’s travel guide to Philadelphia—Courtesy of an ‘It’s Always Sunny’ star and other notable locals

Adam Grant of the Wharton School recommended visitors to Philadelphia check out Franklin Fountain, The Met Philadelphia, Longwood Gardens, and Joseph Fox Bookshop.


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Column: Facebook, fooling no one, may be going for a new name

Barbara Kahn of the Wharton School said Facebook’s plan to rebrand is both an attempt to distance itself from past controversies and to appeal to the next generation of users. “The big issue for young people is that Facebook is Granny’s platform, your parents’ platform,” she said. “They need to get away from that.”


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Are people ready to step out in rented clothing again?

Cait Lamberton of the Wharton School expressed optimism about the future of formal wear rental. Consumer surveys she’s conducted have found “that when people think about reconnecting with those that they haven’t seen for a long time, they want to have been transformed,” she said.