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Penn announces five 2021 Thouron Scholars

Four seniors and a 2019 graduate have received a Thouron Award to pursue graduate studies in the United Kingdom. Each scholarship winner receives tuition for as long as two years, as well as travel and living stipends, to earn a graduate degree there.

Louisa Shepard

The joy and power of improvisation

With The Unscripted Project, President’s Engagement Prize winners Philip Chen and Meera Menon create an improv curriculum and bring teaching artists to Philadelphia public school students.

Louisa Shepard

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Philadelphia Inquirer

The website Findashot.org may be a better way to get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment

David Newell, an MBA student in the Wharton School, built a website that finds available COVID-19 vaccine appointments. “The idea is to aggregate appointment availability, not just inventory availability, which a lot of the projects out there and even the CDC’s partner vaccinefinder.org are focused on,” he said.



High ground, high prices

Benjamin Keys of the Wharton School spoke about climate gentrification, in which higher-ground neighborhoods will become more desirable due to rising sea levels. “You don’t need to see bars opening up with bartenders wearing suspenders and handlebar mustaches to be seeing gentrification,” he said.


Los Angeles Times

Privacy or planet—The tough choice of doing away with paper receipts

John Zhang of the Wharton School said that for businesses, digital receipts are “a cheap way to get your email address and to build their database to track your shopping habits. As a result, firms can do all kinds of targeted promotions on the cheap, and you will receive all kinds of junk emails.”


The New York Times

Where have all the houses gone?

Benjamin Keys of the Wharton School spoke about the pandemic’s impact on the housing market. “The supply side is really tricky,” he said. “Who wants to sell a house in the middle of a pandemic? That’s what I keep coming back to. Is this a time you want to open your house up to people walking through it? No, of course not.”



Opinion: Would you want your parents to live in a nursing home owned by private equity?

Atul Gupta of the Wharton School co-led a study that explored how private equity investments affect nursing home patients. It revealed a 10% increase in mortality for Medicare patients in such facilities.