School of Arts & Sciences

The Great War and memory

History professor Warren Breckman took his Penn Global Seminar students to the Western Front area of northern France and Belgium to look at World War I through the intersections of personal and public memory.

Kristen de Groot

Can China stop climate change?

In a political science course and new book, Director of China Programs and Strategic Initiatives Scott Moore unfurls the layers of China’s approach to sustainability and technology.

Brandon Baker

Wale Adebanwi on democratic reform in Africa

The Presidential Penn Compact Professor of Africana Studies teaches an undergraduate course, Popular Culture and Youth in Africa. He discusses successes and challenges of democratic reform in post-Cold War Africa.


Debate as social empowerment

From debating a team in an upstate New York prison to helping the formerly incarcerated in Philadelphia, the Penn Debate Society sees debate as a tool to help others help themselves

Kristen de Groot

In the News

AP News

FBI opens sweeping probe of clergy sex abuse in New Orleans 

Marci Hamilton of the School of Arts & Sciences says the FBI has rarely become involved in sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church.


National Catholic Reporter

Abuse survivors praise Supreme Court for declining to review California’s Child Victims Act

Marci Hamilton of the School of Arts and Sciences comments on how victim advocates were not surprised by a Supreme Court decision on California’s Child Victims Act but that it sends a message to the church.


The Wall Street Journal

Sweden’s Einride to test autonomous trucks on U.S. roads

Steve Viscelli of the School of Arts & Sciences comments on the freight sector moving more rapidly toward autonomous transport than the passenger-car business.



Supreme Court rules Maine's tuition assistance program must cover religious schools

Marci Hamilton of the School of Arts & Sciences says the Supreme Court has a more theocratic than secular viewpoint.


The Conversation

Tumblr’s enduring appeal reveals the potency of the web’s cultural memory 

Ph.D. candidate Jeanna Sybert of the Annenberg School for Communication contemplates Tumblr's unique place in internet culture.