School of Arts & Sciences

Can Russia be stopped?

Alexander Vershbow, former U.S. ambassador to Russia and Perry World House Distinguished Visiting Fellow, discusses Russia’s military buildup along the Ukrainian border that’s stoking invasion fears.

Kristen de Groot

Ten from Penn elected 2021 AAAS Fellows

Ten scholars representing five schools across the University of Pennsylvania have been named to the 2021 class of American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows, recognized for their “scientifically and socially distinguished achievements.”

Katherine Unger Baillie

Anti-racism and reproductive justice

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts joined Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, in the 21st annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture in Social Justice. They addressed the intersectional nature of anti-racism and reproductive freedom.

Kristina García

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The Wall Street Journal

Is the secret to happiness having a gratitude practice?

Martin E.P. Seligman of the School of Arts & Sciences spoke about the benefits of gratitude practices: “Humans are built to attend to the things that go badly in our lives. A lot of the exercises in positive psychology are ways of teaching people to savor and pay attention to what goes well.”


How we tracked the pay of 24,000 cops

Aaron Chalfin of the School of Arts & Sciences said a new project documenting police pay in New Jersey contains “some pretty incredible data.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Angry that school is closed? Don’t blame teachers or unions

Courtney Boen of the School of Arts & Sciences and Carolyn Cannuscio of the Perelman School of Medicine wrote an opinion piece arguing that the blame for school closures should be placed on policymakers, not educators. “Only when we stem the tide of infections and flatten the curve will schools be able to function,” they wrote.


NBC News

Fairer elections in Pa. could depend on 12 mathematicians

Philip Gressman of the School of Arts & Sciences and 11 other mathematicians are asking Pennsylvania to use their computer-generated map to establish new congressional districts in a bid to undo gerrymandering.


Philadelphia Inquirer

What happened to those in poverty with the child tax credit expansion ended?

Pilar Gonalons-Pons of the School of Arts & Sciences said failing to make permanent the child tax credit expansion “means a moment of optimism in which deep injustices and hardships could have been changed may be over.”