A ‘holiday office party’ podcast

In the latest episode of Penn Today's “Office Hours” podcast series, and the final installment of 2019, three returning guests join for a chat about the holiday season, the decade that’s been, and the year ahead.

Brandon Baker

How rituals shape our world

An Annenberg class about ritual communication encourages students to employ ethnography and textual analysis to think about the unique language of rituals and their endurance.

Penn Today Staff

How we can put civility back into civic engagement

Katherina Rosqueta and Conor Carroll from Penn’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy and Harris Sokoloff from Penn’s Graduate School of Education discuss a new guide to strengthening democracy

Penn Today Staff

‘13 Reasons Why’ and media effects on suicide

in a recent study, researchers estimated that an additional 195 suicide deaths among 10- to 17-year-olds occurred in the nine months after the 2017 release of the first season of the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.”

Penn Today Staff

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Fast Co. Design

The Magic Number of People Needed to Create Social Change

The Annenberg School for Communication’s Damon Centola was cited for his research on social change, which found that just 25 percent of a given group would need to adopt a new norm to convince everyone else to follow.



Viral content-vaccine scandal test Beijing’s grip on information control

The Annenberg School for Communication’s Kecheng Fang discussed the Chinese government’s failed attempts to suppress discourse about current events on WeChat, a popular messaging platform. “This is a guerrilla war. The government cannot tackle it just like it does traditional media,” said Fang.