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Gers and the grid: Combatting air pollution in Mongolia

The Center for Environmental Building and Design (CEBD) at The Weitzman School partnered with Mongolian nonprofit GerHub to test out ways of making ger living more energy efficient to reduce air pollution and improve respiratory conditions in Ulaanbaatar.

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Stopping price reform won't eliminate flood risk

Carolyn Kousky of the Wharton School wrote an op-ed about helping at-risk households who can’t afford flood insurance by adopting a means-tested disaster insurance program for those in need. “Climate change is escalating flood risk around the country,” she wrote. “Failure to update pricing, though, effectively hides this risk from the market and limits financial incentives for risk reduction.”


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Why celebrities are agog over this tiny climate think tank

Zane Cooper, a doctoral candidate in the Annenberg School for Communication, said all networked computation, including cryptocurrency, is powered by fossil fuels and harmful to the environment. “Bitcoin reveals a fundamental truth about the relationship between computing and energy,” he said.


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Rep. Jamaal Bowman sees climate as the next big education push after COVID-19 reopening

Daniel Aldana Cohen of the School of Arts & Sciences and Akira Drake Rodriguez and Billy Fleming of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design spoke about the “climate + community project,” which calls for transformative investments in green infrastructure and public education. “There’s a ton of public money on the table this decade—we have to spend it right,” said Cohen.



Can Biden’s climate plan spark cooperation in Pa.? Some see possible common ground in jobs, infrastructure

Oscar Serpell of the Kleinman Center on Energy Policy in Stuart Weitzman School of Design spoke about President-elect Joseph Biden’s plan to transition the country to renewable energy. “The business case has never been stronger, and I think it will continue to get stronger every single year,” Serpell said.



Why Joe Biden should trade his buildings plan for a Green New Deal

Billy Fleming of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design spoke about Joseph Biden’s plans to weatherize American homes. “I can’t help but oscillate between despair and frustration with the lack of imagination and ambition in this plan,” said Fleming. “Sure, take care of the low-hanging fruit that Presidents Clinton and Obama left for you on climate. Then, for all our sakes, think about extending your grasp an inch or two higher.”


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Florida sees signals of a climate-driven housing crisis

Research led by Benjamin Keys and doctoral student Philip Mulder of the Wharton School found that Florida’s coastal real estate market has been on the decline for nearly a decade.