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Celebrating Earth Week at Penn

Organized by Penn Sustainability, Earth Week runs April 17-23 and will include dozens of events centered on the themes of environmental justice, climate, and nature-based solutions.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Designing for, and with, forests

Nicholas Pevzner, assistant professor of landscape architecture at the Weitzman School of Design, is leading a landscape architecture studio that focuses on forest management in the American West.

From the Weitzman School of Design

Climate scientist Michael Mann makes a home at Penn

Known for his “hockey stick” graph that hammered home the dramatic rise of the warming climate, the climate scientist is now making his mark on Penn’s campus, both through his science and his work on communicating the urgent need for action on the climate crisis.

Katherine Unger Baillie

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France 24

Climate scientists flee Twitter as hostility surges following Musk’s takeover

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences believes that the rise in climate misinformation from trolls and bots is organized and orchestrated by opponents of climate reform.


This controversial sci-fi blockbuster about climate change still polarizes scientists today

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that the film “The Day After Tomorrow” trivializes concerns about the climate crisis because it represents a caricature of the science.



Why natural disasters seem worse than our direst predictions

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that some climate change impacts are playing out faster and with a greater magnitude than predicted.


Associated Press

The likelihood that Earth briefly hits key warming threshold grows bigger and closer, UN forecasts

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that reports on climate thresholds put too much emphasis on global surface temperature, which varies with the El Niño cycle, even though it is climbing upward in the long term.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

New study bolsters case for Pennsylvania to join Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

A study by the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the Weitzman School of Design found that by joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Pennsylvania would by 2030 reduce its emissions by 80%.


USA Today

Climate change is bad for everyone. But this is where it’s expected to be worst in the U.S.

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that mutual reliance on goods and services from other states and countries will lead to a domino effect if others are impacted by climate change.