Climate Change

Why sustainable investing is a safe bet

The new reality of climate change has shifted attitudes about sustainable investing, and expands the question of whether an investment is risky into whether a business is factoring in environmental impact.

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Visualizing future cities with Zhongjie Lin

A new three-year project called called “Spatial Visions Connecting China and the West: A Centennial Review and New Perspectives on Future Urban Environments” will address global issues like climate change and migration will begin at Penn and travel to Beijing.

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Coral reef resilience

With coral reefs under threat from climate change, marine biologist Katie Barott studies how some corals may prove resilient to warming temperatures and acidifying oceans.

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Study shows how pollution, climate change could make us dumber

Anna Schapiro of the School of Arts and Sciences co-authored a paper that created a predictive model of what might happen to human cognitive abilities over time as carbon dioxide levels continue to rise.



Wharton professor on turning responsible investing interest into sales

Cait Lamberton of the Wharton School discussed the decision-making behind sustainable investing. “At the end of the day, the question for the consumer has to be, ‘If I do this, what changes in the world? What will be different because I took this action?’ And it doesn’t even have to be something large; it has to be something concrete,” she said.



The energy upside to Ilhan Omar’s trillion-dollar public housing plan

Daniel Aldana Cohen of the School of Arts and Sciences weighed in on proposed federal public housing legislation. “I think both bills really share a vision of public housing that is creating comfortable, safe, climate-friendly, beautiful homes that anybody would be happy to live in and lift up the communities they’re located in,” he said.



The housing market is fueling our collective climate denial

Billy Fleming of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design said the U.S. needs to take action when it comes to preparing for climate change. “Every day we do not spend organizing communities around this question of ‘how do we leave and where do we go?’ is just making all of these other decisions harder and more expensive down the road.”


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How to study climate change in college

Yvette Bordeaux and Kristine Rabberman of the School of Arts and Sciences’ College of Liberal and Professional Studies spoke about the educational opportunities surrounding the study of climate change.