Climate Change

Combating urban heat

Through the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program, rising junior Sarah Sterinbach has spent the summer learning about the policies Philadelphia has used to protect its citizens from extreme heat and how those efforts might improve in the future.

Luis Melecio-Zambrano

Climate change’s impact on cardiovascular mortality

Two new studies from Penn LDI indicate the increasing number of extreme heat waves baking large swaths of the country pose new levels of potentially deadly health threats, particularly for older adults and minority populations in low-income communities.

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The Independent

‘We are witnessing the devastating consequences’: Climate leaders sounds alarm as Hurricane Fiona pummels Puerto Rico

Michael E. Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that disasters like Hurricane Fiona are indicative of climate change’s present-day consequences, driving home the importance of taking action now.


Salt Lake Tribune

Utah’s state treasurer pulls millions from investment firm over its climate and social agenda

Witold Henisz of the Wharton School says that new Republican anti-environmental state policies have created an opaque system in which politicians have total discretion.


The Guardian

Republicans plan legal assault on climate disclosure rules for public companies

Jill Fisch of Penn Carey Law discusses the upcoming legal clash between the SEC and Republican state attorneys on new climate disclosure rules.


With COP27 approaching, cities like Philadelphia are ‘powerful tools’ for climate adaptation

Mark Alan Hughes of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy says that cities are powerful tools for collective action on climate change, noting that Philadelphia is vulnerable on climate adaptation but well-positioned to improve.



Renewable energy is maligned by misinformation. It’s a distraction, experts say

Shelley Welton of Penn Carey Law and the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy says that blaming renewables is a distraction, a way to forestall a transition that is underway but needs to be moving faster.


Smithsonian Magazine

What the Inflation Reduction Act hopes to do about climate change

A report by the Penn Wharton Budget Model says that while the Inflation Reduction Act will reduce the federal deficit and improve the economy, it will have no meaningful effect on inflation.