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Direct-to-consumer COVID-19 testing

Concerns over direct-to-consumer COVID-19 tests may override the benefits, with issues of safety, efficacy, and ethics in question.

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Why you shouldn’t worry about studies showing waning coronavirus antibodies

Scott Hensley of the Perelman School of Medicine said it’s normal for antibody levels to drop after the body clears an infection. “It doesn’t mean that those people no longer have antibodies. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have protection,” he said.


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The hidden COVID-19 health crisis: Elderly people are dying from isolation

Joshua Uy of the Perelman School of Medicine said isolation increases the aging process in elderly nursing home residents. “You see increased falls, decrease in strength and ability to ambulate. You see an acceleration of dementia because there is no rhythm to your day,” he said. “There isn’t a single part of a person’s life that isn’t affected.”



How an algorithm blocked kidney transplants to Black patients

Nwamaka Eneanya of the Perelman School of Medicine spoke about her research on the use of a controversial formula for measuring kidney function and resultant disparities in transplant rates for Black patients.


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Older adults deserve to vote too—here's the support they need

Jason Karlawish and Emily Largent of the Perelman School of Medicine and a George Mason University colleague wrote about the need to support older adults in participating in elections. “The votes of older adults count just as much as the votes of others, and limiting their right to vote diminishes their dignity and their legal standing as U.S. citizens,” they wrote.



Landlords challenge U.S. eviction ban and continue to out renters

Michael Levy of the Perelman School of Medicine modeled the public health risks associated with evictions. His research predicted that a 1% eviction rate would lead to a 5-10% higher incidence of COVID-19 infection, and 1 death for every 60 evictions.