Perelman School of Medicine

Match Day in a global pandemic

With the help of social media, FaceTime, and video chats, Perelman School of Medicine students celebrated Match Day 2020 online.

Penn Today Staff

Pavilion powers ahead to combat COVID-19

Construction crews are on the job around the clock at the new hospital on the campus of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to expedite the completion of 120 patient rooms 15 months ahead of the facility’s planned opening.

Providing care from a distance

Telemedicine is a critical tool in the COVID-19 epidemic. Clinicians at the medical, dental, and veterinary schools are making use of virtual encounters to keep providing patients with safe, timely, quality care.

Katherine Unger Baillie

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The New York Times

Please, stop shooting. We need the beds

Elinore Kaufman of Penn Medicine wrote an op-ed about the intersection of gun violence and the coronavirus pandemic in her work as a trauma surgeon. Therese Richmond of the School of Nursing contributed to the piece.


Social distancing might stop. And start. And stop. And start. Until we have a vaccine

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel was quoted about his proposal for a nationwide shelter-in-place order, which would allow hospitals to better handle patient volumes and PPE supplies.


Philadelphia Inquirer

How to sleep when you can’t stop thinking about coronavirus: Experts offer tips

Amy Sawyer of the School of Nursing and Phil Gehrman of the Perelman School of Medicine offered tips for dealing with anxiety-induced insomnia. “Sleep is one of the first things that goes [under stress],” said Gehrman. “I describe sleep as our barometer.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia brings in tent hospitals and extra staff for the coming coronavirus surge

The Perelman School of Medicine’s Jeremy Cannon is leading the effort to prepare HUP for a surge of COVID-19 patients, with plans to convert the Quadrangle and part of Spruce Street into a field hospital. Meanwhile, more than a dozen Penn nurses, including Katherine Major, have volunteered to administer chemotherapy and other intravenous medications in patients’ homes.


A brief history of beards and pandemics

Carrie Kovarik of the Perelman School of Medicine studied the effect of beards on the spread of bacterial shedding and found there was no difference between bearded and non-bearded people.