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Erz promoted to head athletic trainer

Anthony Erz began his career at Penn in 2015 as an assistant athletic trainer and previously worked as head athletic trainer for the football and men’s lacrosse teams.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

‘COVID? What COVID?’ More and more people say they’ve returned to normal

A survey from the Annenberg Public Policy Center finds that many people rarely wear masks when indoors with strangers, despite their awareness of continuing COVID risks.



For Biden, the chaotic withdrawal from Kabul was a turning point in his presidency

John Gans of Perry World House says that every president since JFK has had an early term crisis, an event that punctures their momentum with the American public.


The Washington Post

The truth about the history education wars in 2022

Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education writes that political battles over education have secularized, shifting focus from religion to American history and identity.



‘Is an abortion medically necessary?’ is not a question for ethicists to answer

Holly Fernandez Lynch, Steven Joffe, and Emily A. Largent of the Perelman School of Medicine write that ethics committees are not intended to second-guess clinical judgements about medical procedures or provide legal cover for institutions.


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‘It’s just getting worse.’ Central Bucks passes policy censoring class materials with ‘sexualized content’

Ed Brockenbrough of the Graduate School of Education says that conservative school censorship policies will have a detrimental and disproportionate impact on LGBTQ youth and minority students.


Psychology Today

How to excel with ADHD

Michael Ascher of the Perelman School of Medicine recommends that people with ADHD reframe their narrative, shifting focus from their struggles to what makes their brains unique.


The New York Times

Mostly bluster: Why China went easy on Taiwan’s economy

Thomas J. Shattuck of Perry World House says that future Chinese bans may be targeted to punish Taiwanese industries in Democratic Progressive Party strongholds, but that Taiwan’s semiconductor industry would be considered too essential to China’s economy.


WHYY Radio (Philadelphia)

People’s Kitchen is latest community garden threatened by sheriff sale

Rising second-year Kenny Chiu in the College of Arts and Sciences, an intern with People’s Kitchen, says that the sheriff sale is an opportunity for developers to grab land cheaply and sit on it until the neighborhood becomes profitable enough to develop.


Fast Company

Cable news has a more polarizing effect than social media, study finds

A study by Homa Hosseinmardi of the Annenberg School for Communication shows that the TV news audience is being “distilled,” with an overall shrinkage but an increased number of partisans.


Philly students talk about ending gun violence

A study by Eugenia South of the Perelman School of Medicine and colleagues shows that low-income Philadelphia neighborhoods which received city-funded housing repairs saw a 21% reduction in crime.