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Listening to the needs of Black male teachers

In researching his forthcoming book, Ed Brockenbrough revealed Black male teachers have a strong sense of responsibility to students, and they feel uniquely alone in that challenge.

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The Atlantic

The Two Most Important College-Admissions Criteria Now Mean Less

Dean of Admissions Eric J. Furda recommends college applicants and their parents rethink grades and test scores as the sole measures of their eligibility. Furda encourages his admissions counselors to balance those markers with the “relative growth and trajectory” of potential students.


The Wall Street Journal

After Harvey, Texas Town Looks to Fortify in State With No Mandatory Building Code

“If you’re not mitigating risk, you’re not going to have a healthy market,” said the Wharton School’s Jeffrey Czajkowski, addressing the effects of “fortified” buildings on insurance rates.


The New York Times

G.D.P.R., a New Privacy Law, Makes Europe World’s Leading Tech Watchdog

Michael Kearns of the School of Engineering and Applied Science weighed in on the E.U.’s advancements in cybersecurity and consumer privacy.


Bloomberg News

How Markets Won: Erdogan Concedes a Hated Rate Hike to Save Lira

Nihat Bulent Gultekin of the Wharton School spoke about the role of politics in the Turkish economy. Changing interest rates isn’t enough to resolve the issue, according to Gultekin, who recommended implementing a wider set of measures to regulate the central bank.



The Future of Entrepreneurship Is Students

The Wharton School’s Karl Ulrich writes about Penn’s student entrepreneurial community and several projects by semifinalists for the University’s Startup Challenge.


The Washington Post

‘Not Who We Aspire to Be’: Starbucks Previews Next Week’s Racial Bias Training for 8,000 Stores

The Wharton School’s Stephanie Creary offered recommendations for Starbucks’ upcoming company-wide anti-bias training. Creary recommended offering employees “actionable steps to change behavior.”


A New Era of Protest Is Energizing Historically Black Colleges and Universities. But There Are Challenges

Marybeth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education said that freshman enrollment at HBCUs is up 40 percent. The surge is in part attributed to increasingly visible incidents of racism throughout the nation.


Philadelphia Inquirer

E-Cigarettes Disappoint in a Workplace Quit-Smoking Study

The Perelman School of Medicine’s Scott Halpern led a study on the effects of vaping on smoking cessation. Halpern found that e-cigarettes were no more helpful than other stop-smoking tools, and that “the very best way to help them quit is to offer them money.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

For High-Risk Melanoma Patients, This Penn App Could Prove Lifesaving

Dermatologists at Penn Medicine have developed an app called MelaSight, which tracks changes in skin moles or spots with encrypted photos. Medicine’s Michael Ming, who studied MelaSight’s impact, said that the improved experience of using the app over printed photos “will lead to increased skin self-exams and earlier detection of melanomas.”


On Point with Tom Ashbrook (WBUR-FM)

Audio: Behind Trump’s Demand for a DOJ Investigation

The Law School’s Claire Finkelstein discussed the administration’s claims that the FBI spied on the presidential campaign.