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Dancing outside with Pride

Penn’s LGBT Center hosted “Dance Outside w/ Pride,” a virtual and in-person dance class with Philadelphia choreographer Devon Sinclair, as part of its monthlong Pride roster of events for both virtual and in-person celebrations.

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Mathematicians prove 2D version of quantum gravity really works

Xin Sun of the School of Arts & Sciences spoke about new research at the intersection of physics, philosophy, and math. “This is a masterpiece in mathematical physics,” he said.


Philadelphians react after Congress approves bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday

Eve Higginbotham of the Perelman School of Medicine spoke about the significance of Juneteenth. "It's a day of reflection as well as an acknowledgment that, going forward, we still have work to do," she said. “We still need people engaged, but we need people to translate their reflections into action.”



Third COVID vaccine dose helps some transplant patients

Richard Wender of the Perelman School of Medicine said specialists, not primary care doctors, should be responsible for responding to emerging vaccination recommendations for unique populations such as transplant patients. Primary care doctors’ “focus needs to be on helping to overcome hesitancy, mistrust, lack of information, or anti-vaccination sentiment to help more people feel comfortable being vaccinated—this is a lot of work and needs constant focus,” he said.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution

$90 million HBCU partnership aims to increase diversity in high finance

The Wharton School will create a virtual institute for HBCU students interested in the alternative-investment industry.


Boston Globe

Mass. joins several other states already deploying vaccine lotteries

David Asch of the Wharton School and Perelman School of Medicine said vaccine lotteries “appeal to the emotional side of our nature rather than the quantitative transactional side, and the former usually wins.”


The New York Times

Scientists report earliest known coronavirus infections in five U.S. states

Scott Hensley of the Perelman School of Medicine commented on new research that identifies seven people who may be been infected with COVID-19 before the first confirmed cases in the U.S. “This is an interesting paper because it raises the idea that everyone thinks is true, that there were infections that were going undiagnosed,” he said.


The New York Times

COVID news: Vermont leads U.S. in vaccinations

Steven Joffe of the Perelman School of Medicine said former FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn will have to walk an ethical fine line in his new role as chief medical officer at a venture capital firm, as federal rules limit his engagement with the FDA going forward.


Philadelphia Inquirer

The battle in Philly DA’s Office: Conviction Integrity Unit report shows rocky path to reform

David Rudovsky of the Law School said “there’s been a real sea change” with regard to transparency in Philadelphia’s district attorney’s office under Larry Krasner.


The Washington Post

The ideas of the first Black economics Ph.D. offer solutions to our problems today

Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, the first African American with a doctoral degree in economics, advocated for economic justice after graduating from Penn in 1921.


U.S. News & World Report

Teens who get while driving may take other risks behind the wheel

Research from the Annenberg Public Policy Center and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia finds that young adults who use the phone while driving are more likely to engage in other behaviors associated with car crashes. “It may be useful to treat cellphone use while driving as part of a group of risky driving behaviors, such as driving while impaired by alcohol,” said the APPC’s Dan Romer.