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The beauty of the two-wheeled commute

On Bike to Work Day, Penn will fete two-wheeled commuters with snacks, showers, and swag. For many at the University, commuting by bike is a way of life. Five Penn staff and faculty share how they make it work and why they keep riding.

Katherine Unger Baillie

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Jon Bon Jovi receives honorary degree from University of Pennsylvania

At Monday’s Commencement ceremony, President Amy Gutmann lauded Jon Bon Jovi for his musical achievements and community restaurants. “The pay-it forward model (of the Soul Kitchen) serves in-need and paying customers with dignity and encourages their active participation through volunteer services,” she said. The musician and humanitarian was awarded an honorary Doctor of Music degree.


The New York Times

Tuesday could be the beginning of the end of Philadelphia’s soda tax

Christina Roberto of the Perelman School of Medicine commented on Philadelphia’s soda tax: “It’s not surprising that, if you raise the price of something, people will buy less of it.”


CBS Philadelphia

Camden teen beats odds to attend UPenn on scholarship

Christon Young, a charter school student from Camden, New Jersey, will be attending Penn this fall on a full scholarship. Young plans to become an anesthesiologist.



A DIY approach to automating your lab

Brian Chow of the School of Engineering and Applied Science led a team of Penn undergrads in developing a low-cost plate reader for teaching labs using open-source automation software. “Philosophically, I believe in supporting the open-source-hardware community,” he said.


“All Things Considered,” National Public Radio

In 'Ladysitting,' Lorene Cary chronicles the end of her grandmother's life

Lorene Cary of the School of Arts and Sciences was interviewed about her new memoir, which documents the year she spent caring for her grandmother.


The Wall Street Journal

Even Harvard is now teaching personal finance

Wharton alumnus and New York Jets linebacker Brandon Copeland was mentioned for his Urban Financial Literacy class, taught alongside Brian Peterson of the School of Arts and Sciences.


The Wall Street Journal

Factory workers become coders as companies automate

The Wharton School’s Morris Cohen said Europe is ahead of the U.S. when it comes to digitizing factories. BMW, for example, trains its employees to keep up with changing manufacturing processes, “teaching them that this is to their benefit, that this is not a way of replacing you, but making you more productive.”


The Washington Post

To reform the credit card industry, start with credit scores

Lisa Servon of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design co-authored an opinion piece about the U.S. credit system. “To make affordable credit accessible to a broader group, let’s fix the flawed scoring system that allocates credit,” the authors wrote.


The Atlantic

What is pornography doing to our sex lives?

Mary Anne Layden of the Perelman School of Medicines said the social pressure to mimic pornography can result in more sexual violence for some and a resistance to sex by others.



Why the giants among this year’s Fortune 500 should intimidate you

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp said anticompetitive practices, which protect the largest firms by making it difficult for employees to change jobs, are on the rise. Simultaneously, he said, large tech companies are buying up potential competitors “before they can ever emerge as vibrant competitors themselves.”