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Penn’s 263rd Commencement

The Class of 2019 took to Franklin Field on Monday, May 20, for Penn’s 263rd Commencement ceremony, where President Amy Gutmann urged graduates to “weave together a world better, freer, and more inclusive.”

Lauren Hertzler

Class of 2019 Ivy Day Ceremony and awardees

On Saturday, May 18, the Class of 2019 celebrated its Ivy Day Ceremony during Alumni Weekend, continuing the 146-year tradition by honoring students for their achievements and contributions to the Penn community.

Tina Rodia

Senior pictures

Graduating senior and photographer Isabel Zapata captured 57 of her classmates in places of significance to create Torch Magazine. The publication features their reflections as well as her portraits.

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The New York Times

Israeli scientists brew beer with revived ancient yeasts

Patrick McGovern of the School of Arts and Sciences was cited for his work studying and recreating ancient beverages.


Voice of America

What baby names say about America?

Jonah Berger of the Wharton School spoke about the factors that contributes to baby name selection. “Names say more about the parents than the kids,” he said. “How unique parents want to be, where in the country they were when the child was born, and what influences around them shape their lives.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Despite Trump’s racial rhetoric, white prejudice has gone down, Penn study finds

A study by Daniel Hopkins of the Schools of Arts and Sciences and recent graduate Samantha Washington found that “expressed prejudice” declined in response to racist political rhetoric, particularly among Democrats.


WBUR Boston

What Puerto Rico’s monkeys post-Maria teach us about survival

PIK Professor Michael Platt joined a conversation about surviving trauma and Puerto Rico’s “monkey island.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Pa. woman was convinced she bought Obamacare insurance. She got scammed by a look-alike website.

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel spoke about a class exercise in which he asks students to shop for health insurance using the government marketplace. When he attempted the assignment, he found it easy to accidentally use an unaffiliated site. “Unless you know what the right place looks like, what the offers are, they’ve done a very good job of making it look like it’s the [government] health insurance site.”


Times of India

Jon Bon Jovi receives honorary degree from University of Pennsylvania

At Monday’s Commencement ceremony, President Amy Gutmann lauded Jon Bon Jovi for his musical achievements and community restaurants. “The pay-it forward model (of the Soul Kitchen) serves in-need and paying customers with dignity and encourages their active participation through volunteer services,” she said. The musician and humanitarian was awarded an honorary Doctor of Music degree.


The Washington Post

How often does the Supreme Court overturn precedents like Roe v. Wade?

Kermit Roosevelt of the Law School contributed case information to a story about major supreme court reversals.


The New York Times

Tuesday could be the beginning of the end of Philadelphia’s soda tax

Christina Roberto of the Perelman School of Medicine commented on Philadelphia’s soda tax: “It’s not surprising that, if you raise the price of something, people will buy less of it.”


CBS Philadelphia

Camden teen beats odds to attend UPenn on scholarship

Christon Young, a charter school student from Camden, New Jersey, will be attending Penn this fall on a full scholarship. Young plans to become an anesthesiologist.



A DIY approach to automating your lab

Brian Chow of the School of Engineering and Applied Science led a team of Penn undergrads in developing a low-cost plate reader for teaching labs using open-source automation software. “Philosophically, I believe in supporting the open-source-hardware community,” he said.