Graduate School of Education

A shared passion for community engagement

The Graduate School of Education helps students put their knowledge into practice through community engagement. Three soon-to-be graduates speak with Penn Today about how their service enabled them to deepen their connection with West Philadelphia.

Amanda Mott

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The New York Times

Eight productivity books time-management experts actually use

Katy Milkman of the Wharton School and Kandi Wiens of the Graduate School of Education recommend books that have helped them in their professional and personal lives.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Western Pa. colleges are bracing for steep declines in enrollment, tied to the Great Recession of 2008

Julie Wollman of the Graduate School of Education says that most institutions of higher education tend to think they’re the only institution that’s not going to be affected by enrollment problems.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Gwynedd Mercy University cuts staff, restructures academics amid higher ed financial turmoil

While obtaining her doctoral degree at the Graduate School of Education, Julee Gard developed a Financial Viability Index designed for smaller, private, nonprofit colleges.


The Washington Post

Racism can spark depression and anxiety in Black adolescents, study finds

Howard Stevenson of the Graduate School of Education says that scientific studies often influence and inform intervention strategies, including his own as director of the Racial Empowerment Collaborative.


Inside Higher Ed

Penn. lawmakers propose dueling plans for a higher ed overhaul

Joni Finney of the Graduate School of Education says that the longer the wait for legislation overhauling higher education, the less money there will be and the harder the problem will be to solve.