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Chronicle of Higher Education

Higher ed’s evolutionary—not revolutionary—pandemic response

Drawing on pre-pandemic data, Robert Zemsky of the Graduate School of Education predicted that 20% of higher education institutions were in danger of shuttering.



Detained protestors in Cuba detail torture amid trials

Amalia Daché of the Graduate School of Education spoke about the mistreatment of protesters in Cuba. “Cuba is a political apartheid. There is definitely racial discrimination happening in Cuba,” she said. “When Cuba gets a cold, Afro-Cubans get the flu, and they die.”


The Washington Post

Texas community college group aims to help students beyond the classroom

Laura Perna of the Graduate School of Education said applying for financial aid can be complicated for students. However, the Alamo Promise program, which provides students in Texas with free tuition and additional services, sends “a clear message with no fine print,” she said.


Inside Higher Ed

Perceptions of affordability

Joni Finney of the Graduate School of Education spoke about the impact of rising college costs on low-income families, saying, “For these families the high cost of college is not a perception but a reality that they must deal with.”


Dallas Morning News

How about a domestic sister cities program, so that Americans can get to know one another

Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education proposed a domestic sister city program to alleviate partisan divisions and remind Americans of their commonalities.