Graduate School of Education

Children’s literature as ‘seed work’

Penn GSE’s Ebony Elizabeth Thomas discusses the importance of more diverse books for kids and the challenges that continue to stifle early anti-racist learning. She also shares a curated list of recommended books for youth catered to this particular moment.

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Voice of America

LGBT+ marches from London to New York call for end to racism

Ed Brockenbrough of the Graduate School of Education said Pride organizers’ efforts to promote the Black Lives Matter movement don’t go far enough to address racism in the LGBTQ community. "Activism in Black and brown queer communities has been happening for a long time without full buy-in from white gatekeepers of queer resources," he said.


Inside Higher Ed

Report: Focus funding on colleges best able to help unemployed

Joni Finney of the Graduate School of Education and colleagues wrote a report calling on U.S. governors to develop a long-term higher education strategy that stimulates the economy and restructures how colleges are funded.


PBS NewsHour

How COVID-19 has made some colleges question the academic calendar

Peter Eckel of the Graduate School of Education said the pandemic has given colleges a chance to reevaluate their summer offerings and other scheduling matters. “The pandemic has raised a lot of questions about long-held traditions about how to deliver higher education,” he said. “The academic calendar is one of them.”


USA Today

Amid COVID-19, church killings anniversary, Charleston Black history museum keeps eye on 2022 opening

Howard Stevenson of the Graduate School of Education said a comprehensive history education can help people “navigate racism today” and better understand intergenerational trauma.


Huffington Post

White parents, want to raise anti-racist kids? Be mindful of your actions

Howard Stevenson of the Graduate School of Education spoke about how parents can best address race with children. “They’re listening to you, but they’re also watching how you say it,” he said.