Graduate School of Education

Seeing life through their eyes

Through the voices and stories of seven men, a feature-length documentary co-produced and directed by Annenberg Dean John L. Jackson Jr. and graduate student Nora Gross illustrates what it means to be black and gay in the south.

Michele W. Berger

Easing the transition from summer to school

Penn GSE’s Linda Leibowitz has a few suggestions for parents and caregivers who are keen to smooth their kids’ transition from summer back to school.

Penn Today Staff

The beauty of the two-wheeled commute

On Bike to Work Day, Penn will fete two-wheeled commuters with snacks, showers, and swag. For many at the University, commuting by bike is a way of life. Five Penn staff and faculty share how they make it work and why they keep riding.

Katherine Unger Baillie

The future of learning is digital

Penn GSE’s Yasmin Kafai, a learning scientist who has designed tools and communities to promote coding, crafting, and creativity, believes we need to change how we think about teaching and learning, while making sure every child has a chance to develop these vital skills.

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The best books of 2018 for young readers

Penn GSE’s Ebony Elizabeth Thomas and her team share their book choices for elementary and middle grade kids, showcasing authors whose work explores issues like race, gender, ethnicity, and class thoughtfully and empathetically.

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In the News

Chronicle of Higher Education

Despite obstacles, black colleges are pipelines to the middle class, study finds. Here’s its list of the best

Robert A. Nathenson of the Graduate School of Education comments on his work studying the hurdles faced by historically black colleges and universities.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Do conservative students face bias in the college classroom? Penn State prof and lifelong Republican says very little, if any

Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education commented on Penn State professor Matthew Woessner’s career as a conservative in academia. “It’s hard to be a Republican in liberal academia and I think he’s done it very well,” said Zimmerman. “He’s been true to his discipline and his beliefs. I don’t share his political beliefs, but I admire him.”


Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Penn’s Grad School of Education cultivates a pipeline

To prepare teachers and educators for diverse environments, the Graduate School of Education is building pipelines for future students. “Penn’s location in the heart of West Philadelphia [presents] a great opportunity to think about what a graduate school of education could do in the context of an urban area,” said Dean Pam Grossman.


The New York Times

Without bees, we are in trouble

Marvin Lazerson of the Graduate School of Education wrote about the importance of bees to the ecosystem. “Efforts like the Save the Bees movement have shown promise in bringing people together in pursuit of common goals,” he said.


Houston Chronicle

Revolving door: Teachers, principals churn through HISD’s lowest-performing schools

Richard Ingersoll of the Graduate School of Education and School of Arts and Sciences spoke about the importance of teaching-staff retention. “We have 50 years of research that shows good schools have a sense of community and strong bonds,” he said. “The good schools, it’s not like a factory. It’s more like a family.”