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2023 Women of Color at Penn Awards

The 36th annual Women of Color at Penn award ceremony celebrated the achievements of women of color at Penn and in the broader community, highlighting this year’s theme of self-care and healing.

Kristina García

Penn GSE’s María Cioè-Peña on equitable access in education

The assistant professor of education joined the Educational Linguistics Division to ensure that bilingual children with dis/abilities get the support needed to thrive; she aims to find a model where all learners get what they need without being labeled.

From Penn GSE

Learning to be a Chief Learning Officer

The Graduate School of Education’s Chief Learning Officer program has a new director, Raghu Krishnamoorthy. The program gives working executives new skills, connections, and expertise to become scholar-practitioners.

Louisa Shepard

In the News

Al Día

Being bilingual and Latinx in higher education

Nelson Flores of the Graduate School of Education explores the challenges faced by bilingual Latinx students in the United States.


NBC News

Texas has taken over the Houston school district. Educational outcomes have not always improved in other states that have done so

Jonathan Supovitz of the Graduate School of Education says that there’s evidence in both directions on the question of whether state takeover of individual districts can improve student learning.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Black students in Lower Merion got racist emails. One mother says the school should have done more in response

Andrea Kane of the Graduate School of Education says that a school administration’s response to racism depends on the specifics of the incident, such as how much disruption was caused and whether threats of violence were made.


Houston Chronicle

Texas is set to take over HISD. Here’s why state interventions rarely improve academics

Jonathan Supovitz of the Graduate School of Education believes the outcome from the Texas takeover of the Houston Independent School District will depend on the resources the state invests in the district.


Philadelphia Inquirer

‘Abbott Elementary’s’ Quinta Brunson will speak at Penn education school’s commencement

Quinta Brunson, star and creator of “Abbot Elementary,” will speak at the Graduate School of Education commencement, while Tony award-winning actress and singer/songwriter Idina Menzel will serve as Penn’s main Commencement speaker.