Graduate School of Education

How to encourage student attendance

From Penn GSE’s Educator’s Playbook, Michael Gottfried highlights approaches that schools and teachers can take to address absenteeism by identifying root causes and creating a supportive environment for all students.

From Penn GSE

Who, What, Why: Literacy advocate Meresa García

The Penn Graduate School of Education student, who earned her bachelor’s from the College of Arts and Sciences in the Spring, talks about her work with the Penn Libraries Community Engagement team and her aspirations of becoming a teacher.

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Associated Press

College students are still struggling with basic math. Professors blame the pandemic

Dean Katharine Strunk of the Graduate School of Education says that math issues are most pronounced among Black, Latino, low-income, and other vulnerable students, as with many learning setbacks.


The Washington Post

In some schools, dread over the new year: ‘We’re scared to teach’

Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education says that the ambiguity of bans on teaching topics creates more anxiety among educators.


USA Today

Summer school may be back in vogue as college students work toward early graduation

Robert Zemsky of the Graduate School of Education is co-leading a three-year bachelor’s degree project.



It’s been a stressful summer for big time college presidents

In an Op-Ed, Karen Weaver of the Graduate School of Education discusses Penn’s efforts to address the gap in the education and training of current college presidents.


Christian Science Monitor

Rise of the microschool: Small, student-centered learning spaces take off

Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education says that multi-age, communal school environments with small student populations have consistently reemerged through the decades as Americans have rejected sprawling schools with hundreds or thousands of students.