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A shaky future for U.S. transit systems, and why we need to save them

The pandemic lockdown in cities has impacted transit systems around the world. While the federal stimulus package includes transit agencies, experts at Kleinman Center for Energy Policy argue that the decrease from local and state sources could be substantial.

From Kleinman Center for Energy Policy

Bailout or subsidy: Oil in the age of pandemic

COVID-19 is disrupting all sectors of the global economy, and the energy sector is far from immune. Energy storage has implications for both the government stimulus efforts and the shape of our future economic recovery.

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Absent from stimulus packages: Overhauling energy, climate programs

Ioana Marinescu of the School of Social Policy & Practice said it’s a good time for governments to invest in climate change solutions. “Sometimes it takes a good crisis to finally move in a whole new direction just like the New Deal,” she said.