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  • $12 million grant propels research of immune systems of pregnant individuals

    Researchers at Penn, Harvard, MIT, and Massachusetts General Hospital will partner to map immune systems and investigate how to make vaccinations most effective for pregnant patients and developing fetuses.

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  • Penn Medicine and CHOP launch joint community initiative

    Deeply Rooted, which is led by the Penn Urban Health Lab, has partnered with Penn Medicine and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to advance environmental justice in Black and brown neighborhoods in Philadelphia through greenspaces, career training, and community environmental grants.

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  • $1.5 million grant expands Penn’s undergrad minority health research pipeline

    A collaboration between Penn’s Population Aging Research Center and the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics received the five-year grant from National Institute of Aging to establish the Get Experience in Aging Research Undergraduate Program (GEAR UP). The program will support undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds through a 15-month immersive experience with Penn’s aging-related health care researchers.

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  • Vaclav Vitek elected to the Royal Society

    The professor emeritus in the departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, has been elected to the Royal Society, one of the world’s preeminent scientific honors. The Royal Society serves as a template for how scientific findings are now shared and evaluated, and is now the UK’s national science academy.

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  • National board appointment for Penn Nursing’s Sharon Y. Irving

    The associate professor of pediatric nursing and vice chair of Penn Nursing’s Department of Family and Community Health has been selected to serve on the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition’s Board of Directors.

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  • Kathleen Hall Jamieson receives 2022 Mitofsky Award

    The award, 2022 Warren J. Mitofsky Award for Excellence in Public Opinion Research, recognizes the Elizabeth Ware Packer Professor of Communication and director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, for her numerous contributions to understanding public opinion.

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  • Penn Medicine, Philadelphia Department of Public Health partner to increase virtual care for patients with opioid use disorder

    Through a collaboration, a virtual “bridge clinic” will expand access to more extensive and personalized care for patients struggling with opioid use, providing same-day access to lifesaving medication and connection to other recovery services.

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  • Why are there disparities in enrollment in Medicare Advantage?

    Black, Asian, and Hispanic enrollees sign up for Medicare Advantage at higher rates than white enrollees—but members of racial and ethnic minority groups tend to be in plans with lower quality ratings. A new paper by LDI senior fellow Norma B. Coe and LDI executive director Rachel M. Werner, examines these disparities for differences in plan costs, enrollee awareness of plan ratings, and other factors.

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  • How will Twitter change?

    Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter will undoubtedly reshape the company. But Wharton experts say Musk’s desire to unlock the platform’s free speech potential may not be a winning business strategy.

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  • May Featured Books and DVDs: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 

    The AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) umbrella term encompasses cultures from all of Asia, as well as the Pacific Islands of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. The Penn Libraries’ recommendations for books and DVDs to celebrate AAPI heritage reflect the diversity of populations comprised in this group.

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