Health Sciences

The path from innovation to implementation

Penn’s infrastructure in both supporting clinical research and forging commercial partnerships smooths the way from idea to approval.

Karen L. Brooks for Penn Medicine Magazine

Educating a 21st-century veterinarian

A curriculum overhaul incorporates integrated learning blocks with lectures and hands-on activities focused on animal health to prepare future graduates for lifelong learning.

Sacha Adorno

In the News

Lancaster Farming

Pennsylvania cows aren’t top producers. Can that change?

Joseph Bender of the School of Veterinary Medicine says that farm size correlates strongly with milk per cow, though bigger farms aren’t necessarily the most profitable.


The New York Times

The most common eating disorder in the U.S. is also the least understood

Kelly Allison of the Perelman School of Medicine says that many people with binge eating disorder eat in secret and grapple with guilt.


Post and Courier

There is middle ground on police reform. Scott, Booker must finish the job

A five-year study by Penn and Yale found that Black people were more than twice as likely to be killed by police than were white people.


Philadelphia Business Journal

Project HOME receives $25M gift, launches opioid abuse initiative with Penn Medicine, Jefferson and Temple Health

Thanks to a $25 million donation, Project HOME will team with Penn Medicine, Jefferson Health, and Temple Health to improve how people experiencing homelessness are treated for opioid abuse disorder, with remarks from Richard C. Wender of the Perelman School of Medicine.



Eradicate breast cancer? The hunt for a vaccine looks promising

Susan Domchek of the Perelman School of Medicine is leading a trial for a preventive breast cancer vaccine.