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Egypt on display

Penn Museum opens a new Ancient Egypt exhibition to display artifacts and their conservation during its Building Transformation project.

Louisa Shepard

Black feminism 101

Author and alum Feminista Jones joined Tanji Gilliam of Africana Studies in a discussion of her new book “Reclaiming Our Space,” examining how Twitter and modern liberation movements are all borne from black women’s words, struggle, and history.

Tina Rodia

Pint-size philosophers

By engaging with Philadelphia elementary students and high school teachers, Penn professor Karen Detlefsen is opening young minds to a new kind of philosophical thinking.

Michele W. Berger

PennDesign partners with Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

The Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at the School of Design has entered into a collaborative research agreement with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to assist in activities leading to the study and preservation of Taliesin and Taliesin West.

Penn Today Staff

The Venezuelan crisis, explained

A Q&A with Tulia Falleti, a political science professor and the director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program, on the past, present, and possible future of Venezuela.

Penn Today Staff

And the Oscar goes to…a Penn sophomore?

Claire Sliney is a co-executive producer of one of five films nominated for an Academy Award in the Documentary Short Subject category. “Period. End of Sentence.” explores the stigma of menstruation for girls in India and Sliney’s work to address the issue.

Louisa Shepard

In the News

The Wall Street Journal

The NFL player moonlighting as an Ivy League professor

NFL linebacker and Wharton alum Brandon Copeland is co-teaching a financial literacy course with Brian Peterson of the School of Arts and Sciences. “I want you to leave this class feeling a lot more comfortable having these conversations about your money with people,” said Copeland.


Defense News

Russian hackers work several times faster than Chinese counterparts, new data shows

Michael Carpenter of the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement said Russian hackers are “the most aggressive and risk-tolerant because they’ve broken so many international norms and face so few repercussions that they don’t really believe there will be any serious consequences to their action.”


The Atlantic

A centuries-old idea could revolutionize climate policy

Daniel Aldana Cohen of the School of Arts and Sciences said the focus on U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialism distracts from the main features of her proposed New Green Deal. “The original New Deal, when you read about it, is super practical,” he said. “The biggest mistake is to see activist government … as ideological. It’s just a super practical approach to problem-solving. If you want to solve problems on a huge scale, then let’s actually put some public institutions to work.”



Stockton starts giving some residents $500 a month to fight poverty

The School of Social Policy & Practice’s Amy Castro Baker will be studying a universal basic income (UBI) experiment in Stockton, Calif. “We see UBI as a nice addition to social policy not a replacement,” Castro Baker said. “This project will help push discourse based on science not just based on assumptions we may have about poor people and what they need.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly accent: There’s a lot youse don’t know about it. Just ask these experts.

William Labov is best known for his decades of studying language patterns in Philadelphia, but the local accent is anything but fixed in time. Josef Fruehwald of the School of Arts and Sciences commented on the Philadelphia region’s shifting accent, alongside colleagues Meredith Tamminga and Jami Fisher.