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Public scooters may soon zip through Philadelphia

The School of Design’s Megan Ryerson assisted with the city’s debate over the scooter as a safe and viable transportation alternative, as Pennsylvania assesses a bill to legalize electric scooters on public streets.

Penn Today Staff

Not-so-self-evident truths

In her new book, Sophia Rosenfeld, the Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History, digs up the roots of the relationship between democracy and truth.

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The Atlantic

I gave up and let Instagram shop for me

Emily Hund, a doctoral candidate in the Annenberg School for Communication, is quoted on how Instagram serves advertisers and audiences aesthetically and ideologically.



In lieu of ‘objectivity,’ journalism professors argue for credibility and directness

Barbie Zelizer of the Annenberg School for Communication spoke about the problematic nature of “objectivity” in journalism, which she considers an “unachievable ideal.”


Minneapolis Star Tribune

How to respond to anti-Muslim speech? Here are some suggestions

Emile Bruneau of the Annenberg School for Communication spoke about his research on counteracting the “collective blame” Muslims face in the U.S. Bruneau and his collaborators found asking parallel questions like “If the KKK members were white Christians, does that mean all white Christians are murderers?” caused people to switch from “thinking reflexively to thinking reflectively.”


Project Syndicate

What Europe’s populist right is getting right

Mitchell Orenstein of the School of Arts and Sciences wrote an op-ed analyzing the success of authoritarian nationalist candidates in European politics, which he attributes to their support for economic policies that “benefit average people.”


Smithsonian Magazine

Your opinion of sushi is a good predictor of how willing you are to eat insects

Paul Rozin of the School of Arts and Sciences found that individuals who frequently eat sushi are more likely to try eating insects.