Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

A centuries-old word with a modern twist

The acceptable use of a singular “they” pronoun made official a linguistic trend already in use for centuries. People who are not represented by binary pronouns say it’s a helpful step, but a small one.

Tina Rodia

Democracy in Israel

Perry World House hosted a conversation to look at how the proposals from Israel’s new far-right government could weaken the country’s democracy.

Kristen de Groot

In the News

The Texas Tribune

Texas may be about to scrap a voting security system it can’t replace

Marc Meredith of the School of Arts & Sciences explains the problems with Texas’ attempt to replace ERIC, a multi-state voting security system.


What influence do mayors actually have over their local economies?

Daniel Hopkins of the School of Arts & Sciences says that mayors are significantly handicapped in their ability to influence their cities’ economies.


Can guaranteed income improve the health of pregnant people and children?

The Center for Guaranteed Income Research at the School of Social Policy & Practice will evaluate data from a guaranteed income pilot program in Los Angeles.


Foreign Policy

What America’s civil war can teach us about Israel’s

In an Op-Ed, Ian S. Lustick of the School of Arts & Sciences says that Israeli protestors will need to ally with Palestinians to protect their own rights and democracy.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia accent turns water to wooder. Researchers try to explain why

William Labov of the School of Arts & Sciences co-authored a 2013 paper that examined Northern influences on the Philadelphia dialect.