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The case for affirmative action

Penn Carey Law professor and founding director of the Advocacy for Racial and Civil Justice Clinic, shares how affirmative action benefits institutions and how the diversity it brings helps colleges and universities fulfill their educational missions.

Kristen de Groot

Clearing the air with biomaterials

Senseable Biomaterials for Healthier Habitats, a project led by assistant professor of architecture Laia Mogas-Soldevila, contributed a lattice installation made from architectural biomaterials to the ICA, acting as an antimicrobial air purifier.

From the Weitzman School of Design

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Financial Times

Can you predict the year ahead better than superforecasters?

PIK Professor Philip Tetlock is noted for co-founding the Good Judgment project at Penn in response to a search for the best methods to forecast geopolitical events.


KNKX (Seattle-Tacoma)

Tacoma gave families $500 a month for a year. Could something similar happen across the state?

Researchers at the Center for Guaranteed Income Research at the School of Social Policy & Practice say that Tacoma’s basic income pilot program has promising data but requires more rigorous analysis.



This 95-second video will help you build a habit for good

Katy Milkman of the Wharton School details science-backed and proven ways to form a habit without continuing to fail.


The Architect’s Newspaper

Pennsylvania and New Mexico universities score National Park Service grant to preserve Route 66

Frank Matero of the Weitzman School of Design and colleagues have secured a National Park Service grant for the preservation of the Route 66 cultural landscape in Tucumcari, New Mexico.


ABC News

Collection of voice data for profit raises privacy fears

Joseph Turow of the Annenberg School for Communication says that consumer voices can be used to reveal a wealth of knowledge to companies, including height, weight, ethnicity, personality traits, and possible health issues.