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Election night takeaways

Political scientist Marc Meredith and PORES director Stephanie Perry, who both worked on NBC’s Decision Desk on Election Night with more than a dozen Penn undergrads, share their thoughts on what Tuesday’s results could mean for 2024.

Kristen de Groot

In the News

Investor’s Business Daily

How much money you need to be happy—and how to get there

A joint research project by Matthew Killingsworth of the Wharton School found that people who are well-off but unhappy only show more happiness up to a certain income threshold and then plateau.


Scripps News

Income program helps those formerly incarcerated stay out of prison

Next year Penn will release its findings on a guaranteed income program designed for the formerly incarcerated in Gainesville, Florida.


Columbia Journalism Review

Warped front pages

In a co-written Op-Ed, PIK Professor Duncan Watts argues that journalistic claims to objectivity in political news are a convenient and self-serving fiction.


Providence Journal

Do safe injection sites increase crime rates? What a study our of Brown University found

A study in collaboration with Aaron Chalfin of the School of Arts & Sciences indicates that overdose prevention centers do not lead to increased neighborhood crime rates.



Biden says ‘vermin’ rhetoric by Trump echoes Nazis

Anna Berg of the School of Arts & Sciences says that Donald Trump calling his political enemies “vermin” is intended to rile up his supporters.