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‘In These Times: The Intricate Riddle of Life’

The first three episodes of the Omnia podcast’s fourth season discuss the link between making art and making meaning, and how creativity shines a light on the way out of adversity in tough times, past and present.

The Clean Water Act at 50

Approaching the half-century mark of this landmark piece of environmental legislation, Penn students, staff, and faculty share their reflections on its legacy, both strengths and shortcomings.

Katherine Unger Baillie

How storytelling can motivate us to help others

A new study from Annenberg School’s Communication Neuroscience Lab finds that personal stories—instead of cold facts—make people want to help keep others safe.

Alina Ladyzhensky

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The Conversation

What makes us subconsciously mimic the accents of others in conversation

Lacey Wade of the School of Arts & Sciences writes about a phenomenon called “linguistic convergence” when people copy word choices, mirror sentence structures, or mimic pronunciations.



Why Trump’s guy winning the primary for Pennsylvania governor should worry the GOP

Brian Rosenwald of the School of Arts & Sciences points out that, for Republicans to win statewide in Pennsylvania, everything needs to break their way.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Speed cameras are saving lives and should stay

Erick Guerra of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design is quoted on the safety outcomes of speed cameras.


Diverse Education

Will primary races in Pennsylvania forecast the political agenda for the fall?

Marc Meredith of the School of Arts & Sciences says that, for education in Pennsylvania the more consequential primary election on Tuesday was about the governorship.



Both nature and nurture contribute to signatures of socioeconomic status in the brain

Gideon Nave of the Wharton School and Martha Farah of the School of Arts & Sciences are quoted on their work that found evidence that both genetics and environmental influences contribute to the impact of socioeconomic status in a complex interplay with effects that span a variety of brain regions.