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Philadelphia Inquirer

What you need to know about reparations after the first congressional hearing convened on the topic in more than a decade

Mary Frances Berry of the School of Arts and Sciences said the contemporary descendants of the enslaved Africans who demanded, but did not receive, pensions at the turn of the 20th century should be compensated today. “We have a group of people who we can identify, the descendants of those who argued for reparations, who sent stuff to Congress while they were being under surveillance and whose leaders were put in prison.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Why so many older Americans rate their health as good or even excellent

Jason Schnittker of the School of Arts and Sciences spoke about older adults’ positive perceptions of their own health. “Older people expect some deterioration in health and aren’t thrown off course in the same way when it occurs,” he explained.


The Washington Post

War with Iran is probably less likely than you think

Michael C. Horowitz of the School of Arts and Sciences writes about the likelihood of the United States engaging in war with Iran.


Chronicle of Higher Education

What the woods do for stressed students

Gregory T. Eells of Counseling and Psychological Services is quoted on his research on how nature can combat unhealthy stress.


Associated Press

Catholic bishops approve new sex-abuse reporting hotline

Marci Hamilton of the School of Arts and Sciences urged U.S. Catholic bishops to require that suspicions of sexual abuse be reported to police. The new third-party hotline proposed by the church does not explicitly require interaction with law enforcement.