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One year post-Dobbs, what’s actually happened?

Four takeaways from Penn’s School of Arts & Sciences researchers in the aftermath of the 2022 Supreme Court decision overturning the constitutional right to an abortion.

Michele W. Berger

Starstruck on the Cannes red carpet

The 30 students who attended the Cannes Film Festival through a Penn Summer Abroad course were able to watch screenings of at least three to four films a day. For the most sought-after American film premieres they waited in “last-minute” lines for hours.

Louisa Shepard

The ‘true value of women’s work’

The Wages for Housework movement is a precursor to the Child Tax Credit and guaranteed income, says sociologist Pilar Gonalons-Pons. A community center in Germantown houses their 50-year archive and carries on the work.

Kristina García

Supporting less commonly taught languages

Recently elected president of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages, Turkish Language Program coordinator Feride Hatiboglu discusses the value of learning languages beyond Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Erica Moser

In the News


The summer that reality caught up to climate fiction

Parrish Bergquist of the School of Arts & Sciences says that there is evidence that experiencing hot weather firsthand can have an effect on people’s concern about climate change.


Los Angeles Times

Yes, there was global warming in prehistoric times. But nothing in millions of years compares with what we see today

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences writes that we can avoid a catastrophic trajectory for our global climate if we reduce carbon emissions substantially during the next decade.


The Washington Post

Why September’s record-warm temperatures have scientists so worried 

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that, with El Niño expected to strengthen, more heat will be released from the ocean and trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


The New York Times

Warriors who seek immortal fame and find it, in epic poetry 

A book review of the School of Arts & Sciences’ Emily Wilson’s translation of the “Iliad” says she brings Homer’s great war story to rousing new life.


AP News

A court in China sentences a famed Uyghur scholar to life in prison, foundation says 

A former Penn lecturer specializing in the study of her people’s folklore and traditions has been sentenced to life in prison.