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Scholarship beyond the written word

Ethnomusicologist Juan Castrillón, the inaugural Gilbert Seldes Multimodal Postdoctoral Fellow at the Annenberg School for Communication, is on a quest to get other academics to see multimedia work as he does: on par with scholarly text.

Michele W. Berger , Julie Sloane

Who, What, Why: Jamie-Lee Josselyn

As associate director for recruitment for the Creative Writing Program, Jamie-Lee Josselyn visits high schools across the country to talk with student writers about opportunities at Penn.

Louisa Shepard

How to protect the integrity of survey research

Surveys provide a scientific way of acquiring information that inform policy and help society understand itself. In a new article, 20 experts from diverse fields offer a dozen recommendations to improve the accuracy and trustworthiness of surveys.

From the Annenberg Public Policy Center

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The New York Times

The politics of delusion have taken hold

In his new book, “Our Common Bonds,” Matthew Levendusky of the School of Arts & Sciences discusses the distorted views and misperceptions driving partisan hostility.


Associated Press

How and when to remove children from their homes? A federal lawsuit raises thorny questions

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts explains why the child welfare system can be particularly risky for Black and Indigenous families.


The New York Times

Glace brings French ice cream and gluten-free cones to the Upper East Side

The Penn Museum is inaugurating an indoor and outdoor exhibit about food and drink that will provide a better understanding of ancient civilizations and their habits.


Managed Healthcare Executive

Name change needed for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System to reduce misinformation, says Penn’s Annenberg Center

A report from the Annenberg Public Policy Center examines how the name, description, and contents of VAERS, the federal government’s vaccine monitoring system, allowed anti-vaxxers and politicians to more easily mislead the public about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.


The New York Times

For a better workout, trick your brain

Katy Milkman of the Wharton School says that “temptation bundling,” pairing a workout with a much-loved activity, is amplified if the desired activity is only done while exercising.