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Affirmative action in higher ed

Cara McClellan of the Law School’s Advocacy for Racial and Civil Justice Clinic explains what’s at stake in the Supreme Court case over Harvard’s affirmative action policy.

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Supreme Court hears clash between LGBTQ and business owners’ rights

Tobias Wolff of Penn Carey Law says that the First Amendment treats businesses that enter the commercial marketplace and put their talents in the service of customers very differently from street corner speakers proclaiming their own messages.


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Can the Fed keep inflation under control without sacrificing jobs?

Kaleb Nygaard of the School of Arts & Sciences says that the Fed needs to prioritize its inflation fight but that a percentage point rise in unemployment might put more than one and a half million workers out of a job.



These are the top five ‘financial regrets’ of Americans over 50

A survey by Olivia Mitchell of the Wharton School and colleagues evaluated the five major financial regrets of older Americans, which increase dramatically when people are encouraged to think about how long they’re likely to live.


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New Pa. standardized test scores show students haven’t rebounded since the pandemic

Jonathan Supovitz of the Graduate School of Education explains why he isn’t surprised by Pennsylvania students’ continuing low scores on standardized tests.


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Have the anticapitalists reached Harvard Business School?

Witold Henisz of the Wharton School says that Wharton’s shift towards progressive courses like Kevin Werbach’s “Responsibility in Business” is a matter of economics, not ideology.