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The Economist

How housing became the world’s biggest asset class

Research by Harvard’s Edward Glaeser and Joseph Gyourko of the Wharton School about the history of U.S. housing was cited.


Associated Press

Too hard to move a couch? Rental startups see a market

Thomas Robertson of the Wharton School spoke about the types of people who would use furniture-rental services. “They’re moving a lot. They’re changing jobs a lot,” he said. “Why would you want to be saddled with furniture?”



Brand Meghan and Harry

In the wake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to distance themselves from the British royal family, Mauro Guillén of the Wharton School spoke about the economic impact of monarchies around the world.


The New York Times

The secret of their success: It’s not about the money

Karl Ulrich of the Wharton School said the quality of execution contributes significantly to an entrepreneurial venture’s success. “That factor should be pretty consistent for a given entrepreneur over his or her career,” he said. “This would be one explanation for why some entrepreneurs—those with great skills—are consistently successful.”


The Hill

IRS audits drop to lowest point in decades

Natasha Sarin of the Law School and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers authored a paper that argued that the IRS could recoup $1 trillion during the next 10 years by increasing audits and investing in information technology.