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Journalism, law, and freedom of the press

Law student Peter Jacobs draws on his background as a professional journalist for his forthcoming Comment on freedom of the press in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

The battle in Philly DA’s Office: Conviction Integrity Unit report shows rocky path to reform

David Rudovsky of the Law School said “there’s been a real sea change” with regard to transparency in Philadelphia’s district attorney’s office under Larry Krasner.


The New York Times

COVID news: Vermont leads U.S. in vaccinations

Steven Joffe of the Perelman School of Medicine said former FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn will have to walk an ethical fine line in his new role as chief medical officer at a venture capital firm, as federal rules limit his engagement with the FDA going forward.



Workers sue over vaccine mandates

Eric Feldman of the Law School discussed the lawsuits filed by workers against employers’ COVID-19 vaccine requirements. “There’s a distinction that’s not drawn in this lawsuit between mandatory vaccination and compulsory vaccination,” he said. “Compulsory vaccination is literally holding people down and jabbing a needle in their arm and forcing them to get vaccinated against their will; mandatory vaccination isn’t forcing anyone to get vaccinated.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Homicides are up, but GOP misleads with claims about blame

David Abrams of the Law School spoke about fluctuating crime rates during the pandemic. “Any theory explaining the rise in homicides would also have to explain why we haven’t seen a spike in other kinds of crimes,” he said.


The Atlantic

America’s dangerous obsession with innocence

Marissa Bluestine of the Law School’s Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice spoke about the numerous innocence organizations working to exonerate wrongfully convicted people on death row in the U.S.