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What makes companies good employers for women?

Wharton’s Katherine Klein, Shoshana Schwartz, and Sandi M. Hunt tackle the deceptively simple question, and find that representation, pay, health, and satisfaction matter most for women.

Penn Today Staff

Rogers Smith on birthright citizenship

Penn Today discussed the intricacies surrounding the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment with Rogers Smith, a constitutional law scholar and president of the American Political Science Association.

Jill DiSanto

GovLabPHL embeds academic research into city government

As a part of the Philadelphia Behavioral Science Initiative, Penn faculty members connect with the City of Philadelphia to use innovative research data to inform more effective programs and policies.

Jill DiSanto

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Trump-friendly Newsmax bundled into Comcast’s Xfinity service

The Annenberg School for Communication’s Victor Pickard discussed conservative news channel Newsmax and its recent deal with Comcast. If Comcast is “feeling the heat from the right, it will make sense to appease some of those critics,” said Pickard.


Inside Higher Ed

Against endorsing the Chicago principles

The Graduate School of Education’s Sigal Ben-Porath wrote about the Chicago principles, which many institutions use as a guide to handling free-speech issues, and its shortcomings. The principles “rely on a legalistic and formal framework that purports to offer a response to a set of problems that has little use for such blunt tools,” she said.


The Wall Street Journal

Nissan-Renault scandal shows it’s hard to keep car alliances on track

Harbir Singh of the Wharton School discussed the difficulties of corporate alliances in and beyond the auto industry. He attributed the low success rate to companies overestimating their savings and underestimating the challenges of merging businesses.


Philadelphia Inquirer

The man in charge of Pa.’s commutation system says it’s broken. Can it be fixed?

Kathleen Brown of the School of Nursing spoke about her frustrations with the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, which has ignored evidence of rehabilitation, instead examining the original crime itself. “That’s not what it’s supposed to be,” she said. “They’re supposed to be evaluating people as they are now.”


WHYY (Philadelphia)

Philly affirms commitment to slashing emissions as study shows global increase

Christine Simeone of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy spoke about cities and states’ continued efforts in the fight against climate change. “In the absence of a national strategy, the state and local strategies actually become much more important,” said Simeone.