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‘Black Families Matter’

In a lecture organized by the Penn Program on Regulation, PIK Professor Dorothy E. Roberts argued that the U.S. child welfare system is designed to police Black families, not to protect children, and must be abolished and replaced with a new vision of family support and child safety.

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Cary Coglianese on the challenges facing the Paris Agreement

Cary Coglianese of the Law School discusses this year’s COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, where leaders are gathering to decide how best to tackle the climate crisis. He argues that the current strategy of the Paris agreement is inherently flawed.

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Basketball player Kayla Padilla is ready for brand ambassadorship

The Wharton junior is one of the first student athletes to take advantage of the new NCAA name, image, and likeness policy, partnering with her long time training program Home Court Edge Basketball on a logo that reflects her Filipino heritage.

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Penn Wharton Budget Model enjoys public lashings from both the Biden and Trump administrations

While U.S. presidents on both sides of the aisle have rejected analyses from the Penn Wharton Budget Model, their findings have been supported by estimates from the Congressional Budget Office. Wharton’s Kent Smetters said, “We’re an honest broker, regardless of the party in power.”


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Biden’s free college plan never happened. Are debt-free degrees the answer to student loan crisis?

Laura Perna of the Graduate School of Education spoke about College Promise Programs, which help cover students’ tuition and other expenses. Perna said these programs “reflect real concern about how much it costs to go to college.”


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Career coaching today: Forget the corporate ladder and find yourself

Michael Useem of the Wharton School spoke about shifting perceptions of career coaching services. “Twenty years ago coaching was seen as remedial, a sign the candidate was coming up short,” he said. “That’s completely flipped upside down. It’s seen as a privilege.”


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Social policy bill will add to deficit, C.B.O. says; Democrats delay vote

The Penn Wharton Budget Model estimated that a proposed social policy spending bill would add $275 billion to the national debt over a decade, not accounting for the legislation’s effects on economic growth.


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A sport-fishing boat pollutes ‘as much as 162 school buses.’ Will boat businesses survive regulation?

Cary Coglianese of the Law School weighed in on the potential impact of proposed boating regulations in California, which some argue could negatively affect mom-and-pop sport-fishing and whale-watching businesses. “You could say society is subsidizing these businesses,” Coglianese said. “We are incurring the cost of this harmful pollution.”