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Bail reform and public safety

A Quattrone Center study has found that misdemeanor bail reforms in Harris County, Texas have had a positive impact on public safety.

From Penn Law

Who is falling for fake news?

New research from Wharton’s Ken Moon and Senthil Veeraraghavan recommends a data-driven solution for social media platforms to deal with fake news.

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Penn GSE makes math meaningful for West Philly kids

The Responsive Math Teaching project, currently funded by the National Science, has kids in West Philly schools engaging in the work, rather than passively completing it, through summer “math festivals.”

From Penn GSE

Employee turnover costs more than you think

A new study from Wharton’s Ken Moon reveals the hidden cost of employee turnover by drawing a direct link between higher quit rates and product failure for a smartphone manufacturer.

From Knowledge at Wharton

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Bloomberg Business Week

Crash course in crisis leadership

Dean Erika H. James of the Wharton School discusses the lessons and context of her new book, “The Prepared Leader,” on an episode of the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Podcast.



The next crisis in inevitable. The urgent call for the prepared leader

“The Prepared Leader,” a new book co-authored by Dean Erika James of the Wharton School, outlines the five phases that must be addressed when dealing with crisis management.



Business schools are beginning to embrace stakeholder inclusion

The Wharton School is noted as becoming the first large MBA program to offer a major in environmental, social, and corporate governance, standards used by socially conscious investors to vet companies.



Laws restricting right to film police prove to be a waste of time

Seth Kreimer of Penn Carey Law is quoted on the accompaniment of cellphone camera technology by cases of police prosecuting critics who recorded them.


Confronting COVID’s lost generation

Fourth-year Victoria Sousa in the School of Arts & Sciences writes about South America’s current educational crisis, brought on by the pandemic in regions without computers or Wi-Fi.