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Penn at SXSW

This is the third year the Penn Center for Innovation has led a group of University-affiliated startups to participate in South by Southwest’s innovative arm, SXSW Interactive.

Lauren Hertzler

Higher ed as ‘hubs for common ground’

At the Wharton Global Forum in Shanghai, Penn President Amy Gutmann said high-quality higher education has the potential to transform lives, communities, and the world.

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Can Venezuela recover from its crisis?

Penn’s Dorothy Kronick discusses potential solutions to Venezuela’s deepening crisis, and asks whether sanctions are a good strategy.

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The future of learning is digital

Penn GSE’s Yasmin Kafai, a learning scientist who has designed tools and communities to promote coding, crafting, and creativity, believes we need to change how we think about teaching and learning, while making sure every child has a chance to develop these vital skills.

Penn Today Staff

An old-school green deal

A major public lands package passed the U.S. Senate Feb. 12 with massive bipartisan support and is expected to pass the House later this month. Cary Coglianese shares insights into the bill’s contents—which entail the largest expansion of wilderness area in a decade.

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In the News

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Trump-friendly Newsmax bundled into Comcast’s Xfinity service

The Annenberg School for Communication’s Victor Pickard discussed conservative news channel Newsmax and its recent deal with Comcast. If Comcast is “feeling the heat from the right, it will make sense to appease some of those critics,” said Pickard.


The New York Times

A.I. can improve health care. It also can be duped

The Wharton School’s Hamsa Bastani said it’s worth keeping an eye out for possible manipulations of health care billing with the introduction of artificial intelligence software.


The Wall Street Journal

Levi CFO returns to NYSE to float another family-owned American Icon

David Wessels of the Wharton School said the key to a successful IPO is strategically positioning a company to buyers and then building on investors’ confidence by teasing the company’s next major steps.



Why Tesla needs Elon Musk

In an op-ed, the Wharton School’s Rahul Kapoor wrote that Tesla owes its success to Elon Musk’s leadership, in spite of calls for the CEO to step aside. “Getting rid of Musk is more likely to derail [Tesla’s] competitive edge as a pioneer and a technology leader than to sustain its agenda of disruption.”


A spinal surgery, a $101,000 bill, and a new law to prevent more surprises

Benjamin Chartock, a Ph.D. student in the Wharton School, said a new law in New York that created a binding arbitration process between hospitals and insurers is “keeping patients out of the middle of these billing disputes.”