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Resolutions for a ‘fresh start’

The latest from the Wharton School’s faculty research podcast, “Ripple Effect,” looks into the business, psychology, and economy of resolutions in its “Fresh Start” episodes.

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Wharton experts on holiday retail

The latest episodes of the Wharton School’s faculty research podcast, ‘Ripple Effect,’ delve into consumer trends, past recessions, future climate and AI considerations, luxury, convenience, and customer service this holiday retail season.

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Chronicle of Higher Education

AI will shake up higher ed. Are colleges ready?

Ethan Mollick of the Wharton School says that GenAI tools like ChatGPT-4 could make learning more equitable by providing services such as personalized tutoring.


The Washington Post

I used AI work tools to do my job. Here’s how it went

Ethan Mollick of the Wharton School says that AI hallucinates and makes up details when applied to work.



Why Amazon and Uber investors might wish those stocks weren’t joining Dow indexes

A study by Jeremy Siegel and Jeremy Schwartz of the Wharton School found that stocks deleted from the S&P 500 outperformed their replacements on average.



Larry Fink’s anti-‘woke’ critics confront a force more powerful than politics

Jill E. Fisch of Penn Carey Law says that it’s legal to invest according to values but only with a mandate to do so and with proper disclosure.


NBC News

Consumers are tired of price increases. Big brands are paying attention

John Zhang of the Wharton School says that many companies are currently more inclined to swallow some of the cost increases they’re shouldering, rather than passing them on to consumers completely.