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How do customers feel about algorithms?

Many managers worry that algorithms alienate customers. New research from Wharton’s Stefano Puntoni looks at how the attitudes of customers are influenced by algorithmic versus human decision-making.

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What the FTX collapse means for the cryptocurrency market

The rapid fall of FTX makes clear that better regulation is necessary to protect investors and reduce crime in the cryptocurrency market. Wharton’s Kevin Werbach explains why the path to regulation isn’t a straight line.

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Albuquerque Journal

New Mexico can turn the tide by increasing classroom time

A study co-authored by economists at Penn found that a longer school year showed an “extremely robust” association with higher student achievement.


NBC News

Americans are tipping more often, even if they don’t want to

The Wharton School’s Americus Reed says that disruptive moments like the economic changes of the past few years can reset habits.


Inside Higher Ed

‘A very promising sign’

Joni E. Finney of the Graduate School of Education says it’s not entirely clear why students are returning to higher education now or whether the trend is likely to continue into this fall.



Three Black women who shattered the academic ceiling

Penn Carey Law alumna Sadie Tanner Mossell is celebrated for standing against racism on campus and becoming the first Black woman to graduate from Penn.


American Banker

How bank executives can avoid scandals

The Wharton School's Philip Nichols says that, to avoid allowing wrongdoing to happen in the workplace, banks have to embed principles of ethics into their procedures.