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  • Penn Engineering 2018 teaching awards

    Three teachers were chosen directly by their engineering students for the awards, based on excellence, dedication, and inspiration.

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  • Will renewed sanctions against Iran backfire on the U.S.?

    Wharton experts weigh in on the recent decision by the Trump administration to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement, and the potential risk it poses to the role the U.S. plays in the Middle East

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  • Bridging studio and research, students explore Israel-Lebanon border

    Two graduate students explore the physical, political and historical borderlands between two countries in conflict, bringing landscape design concepts outside the studio and embedding them in a physical space that has naturalized war into its terrain.

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  • Wharton teaching awards 2018

    A list of this year's distinguished recipients of eight teaching awards for Wharton Business School faculty.

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  • Dr. Regina Abrami honored with Ideas Worth Teaching Award

    She is one of 20 recipients of the award from the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program, for her course “Fault Lines and Foresight”.

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  • Statins: what you should know

    A quick primer that clarifies how these cholesterol-lowering drugs work, and who should, and shouldn't, be taking them. 

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  • How the Golden State Killer case ignited a privacy debate

    While the breakthrough in the longstanding cold-case is a success, the question of privacy and private DNA analytics services is challenged.

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  • The politics of data privacy in a post-Cambridge Analytica world

    Worries about data privacy, when user-generated data is monetized, leads to a larger question of regulation in the tech industry. 

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  • Julie Fairman honored as first nurse to be a Garrison Lecturer

    The Penn Nursing professor’s lecture, “We Went to Mississippi: Nurses and Civil Rights Activism of the mid-1960s,” will be given at the American Association for the History of Medicine’s annual meeting.

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  • First robot-assisted spinal surgery update: nine months later

    A robotic arm removed a rare spinal tumor from his neck in a first-ever surgery of its kind. Now, nine months on, the patient is back to work, and doctors reflect on the three-part, groundbreaking procedure.

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