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  • Pennsylvania takes steps to ensure its high-need schools have excellent STEM teachers

    As part of Pennsylvania’s commitment to close the achievement gaps and provide all students with high-quality teachers, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation announced the inaugural class of Pennsylvania Teaching Fellows.

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  • Dunphy to be inducted into Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame

    Fran Dunphy, who spent 17 years as head coach of the men's basketball program and remains its winningest coach, was recently named as one of 15 sports greats to be inducted into the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame. 

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  • Adding immunotherapy after initial treatment can benefit metastatic lung cancer patients

    Multiple trials have shown that by using these definitive treatment techniques on all visible tumor sites, patients can end up with better outcomes than what they would get with chemotherapy alone. The trial went one step further and added immunotherapy. In addition to the significant increase in overall average progression-free survival (PFS), the average PFS from the start of administering the drug pembrolizumab was 18.7 months.

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  • The art—and importance—of pastoral care

    Trauma chaplaincy is Philadelphia native Barbara Trawick’s second career. After retiring from her administrative role at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, she was introduced to pastoral care through a church program that offered training for volunteers.

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  • Bauermeister selected for Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellowship

    Twenty one senior health care leaders were chosen to join the Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellowship’s fifth class and the program’s network of health care entrepreneurs and innovators from across the United States.

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  • Bringing the Penn Literacy Network to China and Western Canada

    The Penn Literacy Network at Penn GSE is bringing practical, evidence-based professional development to teachers in China and beyond, helping preK–12 educators improve their methods of teaching literacy.

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  • What's with all the leather jackets?

    Dean’s Scholar Nicholas Berrettini examines Italian crime dramas and wonders if binge-watching shows can change our opinions.


  • From Mustang to minivan: How Lee Iacocca changed the auto industry

    Wharton's John Paul MacDuffie discusses the life and career of legendary auto executive Lee Iacocca., a master salesman, celebrity CEO, and auto loan pioneer.

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  • Philadelphia Writing Project hosts Kid Writing Institute

    Penn GSE hosted teachers at the National Writing Project Institute on Kid Writing last month, where they shared the success of the Kid Writing program. The approach first gets kids to think about a story they want to share, then teachers help the child draw out the story, called pre-writing. The child then writes out the story using letters that represent the sounds they know. The approach can sound simple, but it empowers students.

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  • Improving care quality for hospitalized socially at-risk patients

    Nurses play a pivotal role in caring for hospitalized patients with social risk factors and preparing them for discharge. A new study from the School of Nursing illustrates how certain health system constraints present barriers to effective care and impact outcomes for patients with high social risks.

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