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  • Dialogue resources from SNF Paideia for addressing current events

    Thinking intentionally about how to create space for emotional processing in gathering spaces is always appropriate, whether the goal is to foster meaningful dialogue or simply to diffuse distractions. It becomes especially important in moments of discernible collective unrest in response to major campus, community, national, or global events. The Paideia Program shares a few resources that may help you think about how to address these moments.

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  • A common antibody treatment may be unnecessary after first-trimester abortion

    In a new study by LDI senior fellow Courtney A. Schreiber and colleagues concluded that Rh testing and immunoglobulin administration is unnecessary after induced first-trimester abortion. These study results also suggest ways to reduce financial and clinical barriers to abortion care.

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  • Exploring ESG

    In Penn Carey Law’s Lisa M. Fairfax’s course, students unpack the history of the Environmental, Social, and Governance movement—and prepare to chart its future.

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  • Diversity in the Stacks: Exploring Chinese internet literature

    To more accurately reflect the diversity of literature in China, the Penn Libraries has made a special effort to add recent internet novels that have been published in print form to its collection.

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  • César de la Fuente named ELHM Scholar by National Academy of Medicine

    The Presidential Assistant Professor in Bioengineering, Psychiatry, Microbiology, and in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, has been selected as a 2023 Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine Scholar by the National Academy of Medicine, for his work combining human and machine intelligence to accelerate scientific discovery and developing useful tools and lifesaving medicines.

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  • What causes traffic—and how it separates rich and poor countries

    Urban travel speed is strongly related to a country’s GDP, which explains why it is crucial to invest more in roads and increase uncongested mobility, according to a new paper co-authored by Wharton’s Gilles Duranton.

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  • Hillman grant for Penn Nursing professor to study virtual reality and loneliness

    Penn Nursing, Annenberg Virtual Reality ColLABorative, and New York University’s Rory Meyers College of Nursing have been awarded 2023 grant from the Hillman Emergent Innovation: Serious Illness and End of Life program to study the use of social virtual reality in enhancing the treatment experience and reducing loneliness in people undergoing hemodialysis.

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  • An architectural pioneer receives her due

    At the Weitzman Commencement Ceremony in May 2024, the School will award Lin Huiyin, arguably the first and most famous female architect in modern China, with a long overdue posthumous Bachelor of Architecture degree.

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  • Two from Weitzman recognized as 2023 Distinguished Daughters of Pennsylvania

    Rashida Ng, Presidential Associate Professor of Architecture and chair of the undergraduate architecture program at Penn, and Marsha Perelman, a 1974 graduate of the Master of City Planning program and chair of Calder Philadelphia, have been recognized as 2023 Distinguished Daughters of Pennsylvania.

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  • Long-term care insurance changes employment among adult children with aging parents

    A new study by LDI senior fellow Norma B. Coe and colleagues finds that long-term care insurance coverage could increase the economic opportunities for adult children of aging parents by increasing the likelihood that they work full-time.

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