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  • How a small change can help fix the health care system

    Wharton’s Ashley Swanson discusses her new research on preferred pharmacy networks, which have only been in place since 2010, and the potential savings for enrollees in Medicare.

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  • Shorter rotations in intensive care units mitigate burnout among physicians

    A Penn Medicine pilot study finds increased job fulfillment and decreased burnout for critical care physicians working seven- versus 14-day rotations.

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  • NPL student & AMCLI fellow reflects on Muslim American nonprofit leadership

    For Imrul Mazid, a student in the Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership program at Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice, his deep commitment to social justice is inextricably woven to his professional and personal life as a Muslim.

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  • With high-deductible employer health plans, who wins?

    Wharton health care management professor David Asch studies the reality of high deductible insurance plans, which a growing number of companies favor, yet employees and unions have pushed back on such plans because of their high cost to consumers. 

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  • Why automakers are driving for uniform fuel efficiency standards

    Wharton’s John Paul MacDuffie and Eric Orts discuss why automakers are pushing for uniform fuel efficiency and emissions standards in the U.S.

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  • Penn engineers to send robots underground in DARPA Subterranean Challenge

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is hosting the Subterranean (SubT) Challenge for teams to create a robotics system that can successfully navigate underground tunnels, urban transportation systems and natural caves, and will be evaluated between August 2019 and August 2021.

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  • Common conditions keep many patients out of knee cartilage research studies

    Issues like age or existing arthritis may preclude patients from participating in clinical studies for new therapies that could benefit them.

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  • How gender equality can help build sustainable peace

    Wharton's Sherryl Kuhlman discusses how empowering women can reduce risks and enhance overall outcomes for impact investors.

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  • How do nonprofit hospitals give back?

    Hospitals designated as nonprofits received tax benefits valued at more than $24 billion annually in 2011. Nonprofit hospitals justify their tax-exempt status by providing “community benefits” in the form of free and subsidized care, investments in public health, and community-based initiatives. Whether nonprofit hospitals truly benefit their communities has been dogged by controversy and calls for reform. Two recent papers by LDI senior fellows provide new data to inform the debate.

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  • Center for School Study Councils celebrates 75 years of leadership and problem-solving

    Since it was launched at Penn GSE, the School Study Councils, four distinct regional groups of education leaders, have served as a place where education leaders can gather to exchange wisdom and solve problems. 

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