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  • Penn’s Behavior Change for Good Initiative partners with Walmart on research study to identify communications that encourage vaccinations

    The Behavior Change for Good Initiative at the Wharton School and School of Arts and Sciences has partnered with Walmart to conduct the largest-ever communication research study aimed at increasing flu vaccinations during the Fall 2020 flu season. The results of the study will be well-timed to assist with encouraging COVID-19 vaccinations.

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  • Six trends that will influence higher education in 2021

    Robert Zemsky, a leader in the field and a professor in Penn GSE’s Higher Education Division, spent the summer briefing university leaders, boards of trustees, system administrators, and policy makers on six trends that will influence higher education decision making in 2021.

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  • Regional COVID-19 Response Dashboard analyzes more than $40M in giving

    Developed by the Center for High Impact Philanthropy and Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia (Philanthropy Network) with support from William Penn and Lenfest Foundations, the dashboard is one of the first efforts to collect grants data from numerous pooled giving funds and share it publicly, mapped against demographic and economic data.

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  • Carey Law School’s Future of the Profession Initiative affiliates with Access to Justice Tech Fellows and welcomes its first Innovator in Residence

    The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School announces that its Future of the Profession Initiative will partner with Access to Justice Tech Fellows (“A2J Tech Fellows”), a nonprofit organization that develops summer fellowships for law students seeking to leverage technology to create equitable legal access for low-income and marginalized populations. A2J Tech Fellow’s founder and executive director, Miguel Willis, will serve as FPI’s inaugural Innovator in Residence.

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  • Penn researchers develop approach to prevent toxicity tied to neurological gene therapy

    Penn Medicine researchers have developed a new targeted approach to prevent a toxicity seen in the sensory neurons of dorsal root ganglia after gene therapy to treat neurological disorders. It’s an important hurdle to clear, as the field works toward more safe and effective gene therapies for patients with disorders like spinal muscular atrophy.

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  • Peter Fixler: Chief arborist, Morris Arboretum

    Peter Fixler has been hired as the chief arborist at the Morris Arboretum, a position made possible by the McCausland Foundation and Janet and John Haas, who have combined forces to fully endow the Chief Arborist position. In doing so, they have chosen to honor Paul W. Meyer, who recently retired after 43 years of service, 27 of those as the F. Otto Haas Executive Director. 

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  • New PennPraxis research illuminates ‘She-She-She Camps’

    As part of the New Deal of the 1930s, one program administered by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and championed by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt created a network of residential camps for unemployed women, where thousands found respite between 1933 and 1937. Over the summer, PennPraxis sponsored a design fellowship to research and document the camps, resulting in the first comprehensive inventory of known camp sites and a public website.

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  • Implementation science grant eyes new role for community health workers in HIV intervention

    According to infectious disease expert Florence Momplaisir, spreading the word about HIV facts and possibilities could be a “game-changer.” A new $3.2 million, four-year federal grant to Momplaisir and her Penn colleagues funds research to explore how mixing community health workers into the clinical HIV therapy teams might boost efforts to reach and treat out-of-care individuals.

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  • Southern Life, Slavery and the Civil War

    The Penn Libraries has purchased Southern Life, Slavery and the Civil War, consisting largely of collections documenting laws and labor practices underpinning the slave system in the South before and during the Civil War, but including material related to the Civil War. Along with laws, legal cases, petitions and correspondence with Attorneys General, these collections include records of industrial operations based on slave labor, Confederate and Union records, and manuscripts documenting the families and businesses that participated in

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  • How the pandemic disrupts breastfeeding experiences

    In a new case series report from the School of Nursing, researchers share common concerns and experiences as reported by three first-time, healthy mothers regarding the disruption of their birth plans and breastfeeding experiences.

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