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  • Penn Vet’s Dipti Pitta awarded agriculture grant to increase efficiency of dairy herds and reduce methane admissions

    The associate professor of ruminant nutrition has received a $995,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture to lead an interdisciplinary team of animal and data scientists to enhance dairy herd sustainability and moderate environmental impacts.

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  • Trio of Penn Medicine innovation projects receive Independence Blue Cross grants

    The three Penn Medicine projects receiving grants are: Healing at Home, system that uses an artificial intelligence-guided chatbot to provide 24/7 assistance to new mothers during the “fourth trimester” after delivery; Pregnancy Early Access Center (PEACE), a model for providing care for early pregnancy, including for miscarriages; and increasing access to buprenorphine and other substance use treatment services for people of color.

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  • In the quest for more ‘integrated’ health care, social networks are the key

    To achieve meaningful integration in health care, providers need to communicate and collaborate beyond their immediate area of practice or specialty, and interaction among caregivers and their work units. Health care must leverage knowledge about how social networks operate across all levels of an organization and design care to improve relational processes within and across these networks.

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  • Penn Medicine chatbot screening helps identify postpartum depression

    Healing at Home provides vital support for new moms at home, especially during the “fourth trimester” or those first six weeks after birth. The program’s texting service—a chatbot—allows them to still remain connected with their care providers. To make communication easier, its automated chatbot, named Penny, uses “natural language processing,” allowing patients to ask questions and receive answers in a natural way.”

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  • Summer Featured Books and DVDs: For the love of food

    This month’s featured materials show some of the many ideas and values food can represent in cultural analysis and storytelling.

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  • Linh Thi Xuan Phan joins NSF project on cyber-physical systems for transportation technology

    The associate professor in Penn Engineering’s Department of Computer and Information Science is collaborating with an international team of researchers that will work to unify the design of software and hardware components in cyber-physical transportation systems.

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  • Penn Medicine awarded $9 million to advance study of technology that lights up lung cancer tumors

    A grant from the National Cancer Institute will build on Penn’s pioneering role in the use of intraoperative imaging technology that makes it easier and safer to remove tumors on or in the lungs.

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  • 76ers join Penn Med, Wharton, and philanthropists to fund health initiatives

    76ers managing partners and philanthropists Josh and Marjorie Harris plan to invest $1M in companies funded by the Penn Medicine—Wharton Fund for Health to fund businesses that work to improve the lives of Philadelphians through creative ideas to tackle social determinants of health.

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  • Penn Dental Medicine partners with Woods Services to provide care for individuals with disabilities

    Expanding its outreach within the community, Penn Dental Medicine will partner with Woods Services to provide dental treatment for its clients and residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries.

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  • Diana Mutz wins 2022 American Political Science Association Best Book Award

    Her book, “Winners and Losers: The Psychology of Foreign Trade,” reveals how people’s orientations toward in-groups and out-groups influence how they think about trade with foreign countries.

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