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  • How This MBA explored blockchain to drive funds to entrepreneurial women of color

    Only 1% of venture capital funds go to women of color each year. As a WISE Fellow, Chanelle Lansley is working to change that statistic for the better.

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  • Shaping a legendary literacy journal’s future

    Gerald Campano, Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, and Amy Stornaiuolo, the new editors of Research in the Teaching of English, a storied journal in the field published by the National Council of Teachers of English, are expanding the voices and vision of the journal outside the traditional margins.

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  • Payment, lying, and research eligibility

    A study published in Jama Network Open finds that payment for research participation invites deception and lying about eligibility, regardless of the amount of money offered.

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  • ‘Cyberwar’ wins a 2019 PROSE Award from Publishers Association

    Annenberg Public Policy Center Director Kathleen Hall Jamieson‘s book “Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President,” received the PROSE Award in the subject category Government, Policy and Politics, part of the Social Sciences.

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  • Danielle Bassett on understanding knowledge networks in the brain

    Network neuroscientist, Danielle Bassett, Eduardo D. Glandt Faculty Fellow and associate professor in the Department Bioengineering, brings together mathematics, physics, electrical engineering and developmental biology to understand how the brain’s connections form and change.

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  • E-cigarettes, JUUL and vaping: What pediatric health care providers need to know

    Federal laws and regulations do not appropriately restrict the advertising of e-cigarettes to youth, and child-friendly flavors are available and marketed specifically for kids, creating the misconception among teens that e-cigarettes are less dangerous than other tobacco products. 

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  • Factual, or warm and fuzzy? Why choosing the right words matters

    At the second annual Behavioral Insights from Text Conference at Wharton, academics from various disciplines came together to share their research on text analysis using natural language processing and related tools.

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  • The U.S. auto industry in 2019: Twists, turns, and bumps ahead

    Wharton's John Paul on what lies ahead for the auto industry, as concerns loom about the strength of various economies—the U.S. and China in particular.

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  • Twelve Penn researchers receive 2019 LDI pilot grants

    TheLeonard Davis Institute of Health Economics has awarded twelve 2019 small grants to teams led by LDI Senior and Associate Fellows engaged in health services research. 

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  • Is there really wisdom in the crowd?

    Wharton marketing professor John McCoy discusses his research on a better way to crowdsource ideas, and proposes a new solution for crowdsourcing that can help create better, more accurate results. 

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