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  • What will it take for Uber to become profitable?

    Wharton’s David Wessels discusses Uber’s latest earnings report and business model, and argues that “in this particular case, it’s just bad news when the numbers are so low.”

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  • BRCA1/2 genetic testing recommendations still leave issues unresolved

    Leaders in BRCA research say the new screening recommendations from the US Preventive Services Task Force are a positive step forward, but testing of individuals with the highest risks must improve.

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  • Helping skin cells differentiate could be key to treating common skin cancer

    When the process of skin regeneration is blocked, cancer can grow. A new study from researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine has identified a key regulator of that block known as LSD1, as well as a way to genetically influence the skin to grow in a way that prevents this block from happening. 

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  • A woman’s right to vote: Film traces struggle behind the 19th Amendment

    With the 19th Amendment’s centennial just a year away, Annenberg Classroom has released “The 19th Amendment: A Woman’s Right to Vote,” a video about women’s struggle to secure the right to vote and the amendment’s long journey to passage.

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  • Penn Dental Medicine Welcomes Class of 2023 with White Coat Ceremony

    Penn Dental Medicine welcomed the Class of 2023 DMD students to the study of dental medicine at its annual White Coat Ceremony, held August 12 at Penn’s Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

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  • Penn GSE student puts management and evaluation skills to work in Ugandan summer internship

    Amy Guillotte traveled to Gulu, Uganda four months after a doctor from Geneva Global addressed her International Education Development Program seminar class, and began a summer internship with the organization, implementing educational development programs for underserved students.

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  • NSF awards $1.98 million grant to Penn-led team for quantum circuit research

    Penn Engineering’s Ritesh Agarwal and Liang Feng, along with researchers from the City College of New York and Texas A&M University, will collaborate to to engineer proof-of-concept quantum circuits that incorporate two-dimensional quantum materials.

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  • Penn baseball players shine during 2019 summer ball season

    This summer, 18 athletes competed on 14 different teams from Vermont down through the Texas valleys. Numerous players reached their league’s respective all-star games and played against fellow college baseball players from a variety of conferences.

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  • Penn engineers receive three grants through Manufacturing PA Initiative

    The three projects spearheaded by Penn are led by Kevin Turner, Shu Yang, and Mark Yim and were each granted approximately $70,000. The Penn professors will be collaborating with Pennsylvania-based companies to innovate the printing industry, medical devices, and drug treatments. 

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  • #WomenofPenn: Time for the circadian field

     Shaon Sengupta, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Penn and an attending neonatologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, spoke with  Amita Sehgal about her work, which centers on the 24-hour rhythms that drive animal behavior. Like Sehgal, Sengupta is also interested in how chronobiology affects human health, and began her science education in India. Her interview is part of a yearlong online campaign highlighting #WomenofPenn. 

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