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  • Associate dean of enrollment management and global outreach receives Years of Service Award

    The Years of Service award recognizes Mary Mazzola for her tenure of over two decades in the profession, emphasizing her creative and innovative approach to admissions and the ongoing support and mentorship that she has provided to colleagues throughout her career.

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  • Spanish for Law program helps students gain confidence with legal Spanish

    “Spanish for Law,” a new program offered by the Office of International Affairs, is designed to shrink the fluency gap by helping Spanish-speaking students become confident using Spanish legal terminology.

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  • Scope of practice restrictions and vulnerable populations

    Organized by LDI and the Penn School of Nursing, the “Expanding Scope of Practice After Covid-19” conference brought together 15 top experts in every aspect of restrictive state scope of practice laws for advance practice registered nurses and other health professionals.

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  • Penn Vet’s Dean W. Richardson awarded prestigious ACVS Honor for Career Achievement

    The chief of large animal surgery at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center has been recognized by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons for having made significant contributions to the development of surgical techniques and methodology, and disseminating knowledge to colleagues, residents, and students.

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  • American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2020: Voices From The Inside

    The first installment of six prison newspapers is now available for reading by Penn students, faculty, and staff on the JSTOR platform. Presenting newspapers written and published by incarcerated people from within federal and state prisons nationwide, American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2020: Voices From The Inside aims to offer a quarter-million page-images with searchable fulltext from more than 300 prison newspaper titles when completed.

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  • Two Penn research teams win NSF awards to pursue ‘the future of manufacturing’

    The Weitzman School of Design’s Masoud Akbarzadeh has used geometry-based structural optimization techniques to create human-scale structures out of concrete. He and his colleagues in Penn Engineering will mimic evolution’s approach toward minimizing the use of material while maximizing its performance as part of their NSF “Future Manufacturing” project.

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  • Allison Hoffman publishes Oxford Handbook chapter on inequitable access to health care in the U.S.

    In “The American Pathology of Inequitable Access to Medical Care,” University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School Professor of Law Allison K. Hoffman maps out the complex picture of access to medical care in the U.S. and shows how “variable access illustrates, among other things, an American ambivalence about health solidarity.”

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  • Penn Medicine and Comcast/Independence Health’s Quil come together to provide patients with a ‘digital front door’

    The internationally recognized leaders in health care and connectivity will partner with Quil platform to customize and enhance care and patient education through video and digital communication.

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  • Inaugural Penn Vet New Bolton Center, MARS Equestrian™ research program to accelerate transformative advancements in equine musculoskeletal health

    Together with MARS Equestrian™, the School of Veterinary Medicine has launched a research program dedicated to advancing critical frontiers in equine health. At its core, the MARS Equestrian™ Early Career Investigator program is providing aspiring veterinary researchers with a multidimensional mentorship experience guided by a team of leading Penn Vet researchers and animal health experts from MARS Equestrian™ and the WALTHAM™ Equine Studies Group.

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  • Just hours of training triples doctor confidence in use of handheld ultrasound devices

    Recent advances in ultrasound technology has allowed for the development of ultra-portable handheld devices that are especially promising for uses such as monitoring heart failure and pneumonia in geriatric populations that have difficulties with mobility or remain entirely housebound.

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