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  • Newly endowed Libraries position honors its namesake, H. Carton Rogers III

    To cap his tenure and honor his leadership as Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, a $3 million dollar endowment gift has been made from the Penn Libraries Board of Overseers and the Orrery Society Council in H. Carton Rogers III's name. 

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  • Raising good cholesterol to resist neuromuscular disease

    Preclinical research published in PLOS One shows potential for decreasing the risk of heart failure in Friedreich's ataxia patients, and will move forward with trials to determine whether raising HDL levels, or "good cholesterol" by administering statins will reduce their cardiovascular risk.

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  • Three chirps for iDesign winners

    Three graduate students won both people's choice and official jury iDesign Prize for Chipper, a new pet food business venture. One unlikely protein source is the key factor for a reduced footprint on land and water resources, introducing a sustainable and ecologically-conscious product to the pet food market. 

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  • A new lens for genocide study

    Sarah Jewett approaches genocide studies as a criminology graduate student empirically and subjectively. Trained in fine arts, Jewett has tailored her studies to contextualize, understand and predict human behavior by applying objective statistical analysis to organize the mechanisms of genocide. 


  • Seeking historical Judas

    A fascination with Judas Iscariot drives Ph.D. candidate Mariah Junglan Min to mine texts from the Middle Ages for history and details on the mysterious Biblical figure.


  • Researchers find there's still a dry eye in the house

    According to a 3-year, 27-center study led by the Perelman School of Medicine, researchers found that omega-3 fatty acids are no more effective than placebo pills in alleviating the symptoms of dry eye. While the 12-month study found participants experienced an improvement in their symptoms, the results of those taking the supplements and those in the control group were not markedly different.

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  • A revolution in end-of-life care

    At an event sponsored by the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation, author, surgeon, and professor Atul Gawande characterized the present era in health care as a pivotal point in history. He focused much of his remarks on an innovative approach to the clinical planning and execution of care for patients with serious illness—something that has been one of medicine’s most unsettled areas.

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  • World Immunization Week 2018

    A look at diseases vaccinations have eliminated, the potential for future vaccines, how populations in modern history have responded to vaccine access, and which researchers at Penn are on the forefront of vaccine development.

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  • 2018 Jacobson Global Venture Award recipients announced

    Three Wharton-Lauder students are the recipients of the 2018 Jacobson Global Venture Award. The $10k  cash award allows students to spend the summer concentrating on their entrepreneurial development in lieu of a summer internship. The students' projects concentrate on the sustainable diamond trade, an auto insurance brokerage for underserved populations, and a traumatic injury detection system venture owned and operated by military veterans.

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