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  • 76ers join Penn Med, Wharton, and philanthropists to fund health initiatives

    76ers managing partners and philanthropists Josh and Marjorie Harris plan to invest $1M in companies funded by the Penn Medicine—Wharton Fund for Health to fund businesses that work to improve the lives of Philadelphians through creative ideas to tackle social determinants of health.

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  • Penn Medicine awarded $9 million to advance study of technology that lights up lung cancer tumors

    A grant from the National Cancer Institute will build on Penn’s pioneering role in the use of intraoperative imaging technology that makes it easier and safer to remove tumors on or in the lungs.

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  • Diana Mutz wins 2022 American Political Science Association Best Book Award

    Her book, “Winners and Losers: The Psychology of Foreign Trade,” reveals how people’s orientations toward in-groups and out-groups influence how they think about trade with foreign countries.

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  • Novel sleep education learning modules developed for nurse practitioners

    Sleep health is increasingly recognized as important to overall health, and sleep disturbances and disorders are clinical problems that require diagnosis and management. But when patients present with symptoms and concerns about their sleep disturbances, they often do so to healthcare providers who are not sleep specialists.

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  • Diversity in the Stacks: Highlights from the Penn Sexuality Collection

    This year, the Penn Libraries launched the Penn Sexuality Collection, a new effort that builds upon our already existing collections in more traditional aspects of sexuality studies. The Penn Libraries is already home to the Banned Books Collections, which is made up of pulp fiction of a sexual nature that was popular for about 40 years after World War II.

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  • Over 10 years of CAREs—Penn Medicine continues to support staff giving back in the community

    Penn Medicine CAREs grant program is supporting 36 community programs this quarter, including efforts to support diversity in medicine.

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  • Red flags and red tape hinder access to treatment for opioid use disorder

    In a recent study, Shoshana Aronowitz and colleagues conducted interviews with prescribers, pharmacists, and patients to determine how telehealth was being used to prescribe buprenorphine. They found that patients and prescribers welcomed the use of telehealth, but pharmacists often “red flagged” these prescriptions resulting in pharmacy-level “red tape” that delayed or prevented the prescriptions from being filled.

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  • Kathleen Shields Anderson: Vice president of Public Safety

    Shields Anderson joined Penn in 2012 as executive director of operations and chief of staff, and has been appointed vice president of Public Safety effective June 1.

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  • Penn set to receive $2.4M in funding to research turning buildings into carbon storage structures

    Penn and collaborators will design carbon-negative, medium-sized building structures by developing a high-performance structural system for carbon absorption and storage over buildings’ lifespan.

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  • Race and Regulation Podcast: Racial Equity and Data Privacy

    In Episode 5, Anita Allen, expert on the philosophical dimensions of privacy and data protection law, reveals how race-neutral privacy laws in the U.S. have failed to address the unequal burdens faced online by Black Americans, whose personal data are used in racially discriminatory ways.

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