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  • Making gene therapy delivery safer and more efficient

    A study published in Molecular Therapy finds that inconsistency in the molecular makeup of vectors is a key concern in scaling up gene therapy production for patients.

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  • PennDesign establishes Wilks Family McHarg Center directorship

    The $1.25 million gift from the Harry T. Wilks Foundation will lead research and programming at The Ian L. McHarg Center for Urbanism and Ecology, where environmental and social scientists join with with planners, designers, policy makers, and communities to develop practical, innovative ways of improving the quality of life in the places most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. 

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  • The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs lauds Penn Medicine’s community health worker model

    A team from Penn Medicine that runs a program to improve health outcomes for veterans received a “Gold Status” Diffusion of Excellence award from the Veterans Health Administration.

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  • Why the stock market slip is not a slide

    Wharton finance professor Jeremy Siegel recommends that long-term investors not panic at the stock market’s recent swoon.

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  • The Graduate School of Education gets HEARD

    The Hub for Equity, Anti-Oppression, Research, and Development (HEARD) is established to draw together members of our community committed to equity and anti-oppression scholarship, and to provide opportunities for continuing learning. 

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  • New chapter for architectural conservation at PennDesign

    PennDesign’s distinguished center for training and research in the technical conservation of the built environment, The Center for Architectural Conservation, led by Frank G. Matero, has a new home and a new name.

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  • Climbing out of the anesthetic abyss

     Alexander Proekt and Max B. Kelz are part of Penn’s Center for the Neuroscience of Unconsciousness and Reanimation Research Alliance, driving research on the unconscious mind and the mechanisms behind states of anesthesia and wakefulness.

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  • Oncology social work is the first program of its kind

    The Advanced Certificate in Oncology Social Work is a 12-month program, which includes monthly sessions taught at the Perelman School of Medicine, that trains social workers to specifically respond to cancer patients with guidance, advocacy, and support in coping with their diagnoses.   

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  • Molecular details of protein reveal glimpse into how kidney stones form

    With a high-resolution image of an ion channel protein, researchers will now be able to use bioinformatics to discover compounds that interact with that protein to treat and prevent kidney stones in at-risk populations. 

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  • Petitioning gave rise to the modern administrative state

    Penn Law professor Maggie McKinley uncovers the previously unexplored origins of the modern administrative state in the history of Congressional petitioning in a recent article in the Yale Law Journal.

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