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Shelter medicine is on a roll

The School of Veterinary Medicine’s Shelter Medicine Program just got a lot more nimble. They’ve unveiled a state-of-the-art mobile clinic that will expand their services to the animal shelter community.

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Specialized surgery gets Goliath back to the farm

Diagnosed with an abnormal blood vessel in her liver, Goliath, a Great Pyrenees farm dog, underwent a successful specialized procedure at Penn Vet to correct her blood flow and get her back to work on the farm.

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Hindering melanoma metastasis with an FDA-approved drug

A drug approved by the FDA 65 years ago for blood pressure control may aid in preventing cancer from spreading to distant organs. New research led by Serge Fuchs revealed that this drug disrupted formation of a fertile environment for metastasis by protecting healthy cells from harmful vesicles released by tumors.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Podcast series charts a path for Latin Americans in science

Concerned about the scarcity of Latin Americans in scientific careers, doctoral students Kevin Alicea-Torres and Enrique Lin-Shiao took action to prime the pump. On their Spanish-language podcast, “Caminos en Ciencia,” they chat with Latinx scientists who discuss their career paths and provide advice for young scientists-to-be.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Physical rehab helps ‘rock star’ Ranger walk again

After successful surgery to relieve spinal compression, four-year-old Australian cattle dog Ranger faced just a 50 percent chance of ever regaining use of his back legs. Penn Vet's rehab team aimed to get the pup back on his feet.

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Be careful when using natural anti-tick treatments on dogs or cats

The School of Veterinary Medicine’s Lisa Murphy said that “all-natural does not equal safe” when it comes to anti-tick treatments. But no matter what treatment you use, Murphy recommends thoroughly checking pets for ticks on a regular basis.


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Penn Vet unveils mobile clinic to serve community, area shelters

Penn Vet’s Shelter Medicine Program unveiled a 40-foot mobile clinic over the weekend. The unit will provide medical and clinical assessments for animals, along with facilities to perform surgeries. The unit will also be used for humane education programs.


The New York Times

More pet insurance policies are being sold. But are they worth the cost?

The School of Veterinary Medicine’s James Serpell commented on the motivations behind purchasing pet insurance. “People are much more inclined to think of their animals like children, and treat them accordingly,” he said.


“The Pulse,” (WHYY Radio)

Is it safe for your dog to drink from the toilet?

The School of Veterinary Medicine’s Shelley Rankin warned of the hazards of letting dogs drink toilet water. In addition to the possibility of pets getting sick, Rankin said, “there are a whole bunch of diseases that we call zoonoses, that are technically present in animals and can be transmitted to humans.”



Spooky: Dogs snatch Halloween limelight from black cats, bats

The School of Veterinary Medicine’s James Serpell described the relationship between dog owners and their animals as a “kind of dress rehearsal for parenting” and the popularity of pet costumes as “part of a national trend toward treating pets, especially dogs, as junior family members.”