A statement regarding restrictions on international students and scholars

We are deeply troubled by the Administration’s recent moves to restrict entry of certain international students and scholars into the United States. This is a major setback not only for higher education, but for our country as a whole. We need to welcome the widest range of individuals to our shores. For almost two centuries, we have unequivocally welcomed an impressive array of international students and scholars to Penn. It is simply a fact that global engagement is beneficial to our Commonwealth and nation, and certainly to our University. With specific regard to students and scholars from China, the message they are hearing is that their goals and objectives for studying or researching in the United States are generally suspect. Over the course of our history—since Dr. Chaun Moon Hun, our first Chinese student, enrolled in 1896—Chinese students, postdocs, staff, and faculty members have been essential to our world-leading research and education. They will always be valued members of our community, and we are determined to do everything we can to continue to welcome scholars and students from China, as well as from the entire international community.