A statement on SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade from Wellness at Penn and Penn’s Center for Public Health Initiatives

Today, Friday, June 24, the United States Supreme Court revoked Roe v. Wade, which for nearly 50 years has protected the right to safe abortions and reproductive care. This ruling leaves the decision of abortion access to individual states and is a threat to health care access, basic human rights, and health equity. 

As Centers dedicated to public health, we understand and acknowledge the radical policy implications of this announcement, and the fear and anxiety generated as a result. Together, we join the Penn Community and those across our nation to defend access to safe health care for all, including people who are marginalized because of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual and gender identity, and economic status. Restricting access to safe abortions will lead to increased maternal mortality, childhood poverty, and poor mental health outcomes, and will undoubtedly exacerbate racial inequities. 

Providing inclusive public health services for all in our community means providing access to safe and legal reproductive care, including abortions. The World Health Organization recognizes abortion care as an essential healthcare service. Continuing to reinforce comprehensive abortion care is lifesaving, affirming, and critical to the nation’s public health. In light of this decision, the Penn public health community will continue to educate and promote access to comprehensive and safe reproductive care.

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