• Extraordinary contributions by extraordinary people

    Highlights of the numerous distinctions and accolades members of the Graduate School of Education were awarded with this season.

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  • Depleted enzyme stores in kidney cancer may get a boost in treatment

    Anew study from the Perelman School of Medicine determined that “clear cell” renal cell carcinoma tumors are found to repress enzyme activity. Treatments that restore the depleted enzymes may expand options for kidney cancer patients. 

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  • Bridging studio and research, students explore Israel-Lebanon border

    Two graduate students explore the physical, political and historical borderlands between two countries in conflict, bringing landscape design concepts outside the studio and embedding them in a physical space that has naturalized war into its terrain.

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  • Department of Defense grant recipient to lead study of autonomous systems and AI

    A research team led by political science professor Michael C. Horowitz will conduct social science research that is relevant to national security, focusing on human behavior and artificial intelligence. 

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  • Wharton teaching awards 2018

    A list of this year's distinguished recipients of eight teaching awards for Wharton Business School faculty.

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