The psychology of playing the fool

Law professor Tess Wilkinson-Ryan’s new book “Fool Proof: How Fear of Playing the Sucker Shapes Ourselves and the Social Order―and What We Can Do About It” explores the psychology of fools, dupes, cons, and morality.

Tina Rodia

Policing marginalized communities

This past semester, Quattrone Center fellow Anjelica Hendricks engaged students in the study of how policing intersects with race, gender, ability, and other intertwined socioeconomic identities.

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Three Black women who shattered the academic ceiling

Penn Carey Law alumna Sadie Tanner Mossell is celebrated for standing against racism on campus and becoming the first Black woman to graduate from Penn.


Study finds many PA police departments lack video interrogation policies; numerous Lancaster County agencies do record

A study by Marissa Bluestine of Penn Carey Law and colleagues finds that only a handful of Pennsylvania police departments have specific policies requiring video interrogation.


The Wall Street Journal

Google prepares for second antitrust battle as DOJ targets its ads business

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp says that a U.S. lawsuit against Google is a very solid, traditional antitrust case.



Meet the law schools leading the way in innovation

Jennifer Leonard of Penn Carey Law speaks on the creation of the School’s self-care pilot program, Integrated Education on Well-Being and Thriving in the Law.


The Washington Post

Justice Department sues Google over dominance in online advertising

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp says that Google may have to divest some of its businesses but notes that a conservative judiciary may impede the government’s efforts to control the company.


Arkansas Business

Proposed ban on noncompetes generates concerns

David Abrams of Penn Carey Law says that most businesses don’t need noncompete agreements and that their ban shouldn’t be a problem from a legal or economic perspective.