The legal history of epidemics in America

Sarah Barringer Gordon, the Arlin M. Adams Professor of Constitutional Law and Professor of History, offers a commentary on American political responses to epidemics past.

Nuclear weapons in an age of emerging technologies

As part of a weeklong residency at Perry World House, Nobel Peace Prize winner Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, spoke on the impact artificial intelligence and other technologies have on nuclear risk.

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What New York still owes those abused as children: Gov. Cuomo took a big step; now, go further

Marci Hamilton of the School of Arts & Sciences co-authored an op-ed about the extension of New York’s Child Victim’s Act by way of executive order. The next step is to expand the look-back window for victims, they wrote.


ABC News

President Trump to claim 'absolute immunity' from subpoenas in Supreme Court appeal

Claire Finkelstein of the Law School spoke about the upcoming Supreme Court arguments on executive power. “It would literally put the president above the law if the Supreme Court sides with the president's lawyers in this case,” she said.


The New York Times

Trump’s bid to stand above the law

Claire Finkelstein of the Law School and a University of Minnesota colleague wrote about an upcoming Supreme Court case on executive privilege and President Trump’s claims of “temporary absolute immunity” while in office. “If the justices endorse this extreme view, they will make it impossible to hold this president, and all future presidents, answerable in courts for their actions,” they wrote.


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Can the U.S. sue China for COVID-19 damages? Not really.

Jacques deLisle of the Law School and the School of Arts & Sciences said U.S. proposals to sue China for coronavirus-related harms are “legally flawed and politically fraught.”



McConnell says he favors letting states declare bankruptcy

David Skeel of the Law School commented on Mitch McConnell’s support for letting states declare bankruptcy. “That’s amazing,” Skeel said. “This is a pretty strong signal that bankruptcy for states ought to be part of the policy debate.”


The Washington Post

Freezing funding, adjourning Congress, reopening states. What are the limits on Trump’s power?

Claire Finkelstein of the Law School offered insight on the limits of presidential power in times of crisis.