Facing climate change with optimism

In the course titled Climate Change & the Energy Evolution, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law students learn how to use their legal skills to decarbonize the world’s economy.

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You’ll soon be able to look up Supreme Court justices’ Wall Street investments

Kermit Roosevelt of the Law School says a new law can be seen as a test case to see if Congress can in fact, regulate jurists’ behavior after they become Supreme Court justices.


Bloomberg News

Appeals court ‘chips away’ high court’s pliant obviousness take

The Law School’s Polk Wagner argues that district courts need some framework and guidance for certain patent cases.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Can states go bankrupt? Here’s how Puerto Rico did, with a Penn Law prof’s guidance

David S. Skeel of the Law School headed the effort to restructure Puerto Rico’s debt, taxes, and spending after elected leaders couldn’t agree on a working plan.


USA Today

Whodunit? Speculation swirls as Supreme Court launches probe into leaked draft abortion opinion

Kermit Roosevelt of the Law School shares a counter theory that a conservative might have leaked a Supreme Court draft in an effort to hold together a majority.


Talks on Law

Self defense and the use of deadly force

The Law School’s Kimberly Ferzan is interviewed explains self-defense laws and its elements, including the use of deadly vs. nondeadly force, when use of force is reasonable, and provocateurs and initial aggressors.


Salt Lake Tribune

‘Mormon Land’: LDS leaders talk a lot about religious liberty, but is it really at risk? 

In this interview, Sarah Barringer Gordon of the Law School explores whether religious freedom is under threat and, if so, from where or whom.