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A Quarter-century of Community Partnerships

Glen Casey will be the first to admit it: He wasn’t the perfect student in high school. “I was always doing the dumbest things; getting into fights, getting arrested,” he says. A student then at University City High, Casey failed ninth grade, and barely passed 10th. “I just really wasn’t into school,” he says.

Office Hours party edition transcript

Duane: I have a fig tree that is called the mighty Georgian Pine and now the only reason that I have this tree is because my daughters were born in California and one of them seemed to have developed a allergy to a Christmas tree one year. So we went and got this ancient, this antique, tree called the mighty Georgian pine, as I said, and it takes hours to assemble.

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The Wall Street Journal

Novartis inks deal to make experimental coronavirus vaccines

The pharmaceutical company Novartis has agreed to manufacture a gene-based coronavirus vaccine that Penn helped develop.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia-area health-care students are helping patients in isolation connect with loved ones

Ramie Fathy, a third-year student in the Perelman School of Medicine, spoke about founding the Philadelphia Organization of Health Professions Students, which has been supporting local health-care workers. “It’s been rewarding to see so many students from all over the area want to help in any way they can,” he said.


CBS Philadelphia

Invisible Hands PHL offering free delivery of necessities to at-risk people who can’t leave home

College of Arts & Sciences rising senior Lexy Chavez co-founded a free delivery service that helps provide people at risk of contracting COVID-19 with groceries and other necessities. “I would want somebody doing this for my grandmother,” she said.


The New York Times

The drones were ready for this moment

A 140 drone light show over University City honoring health care workers, presented by Pennovation startup Verge Aero, was mentioned.


The Washington Post

Trump’s medical judgment is wrong. The example he’s setting is worse

PIK Professor Ezekiel J. Emanuel co-wrote an op-ed about President Trump’s comments on hydroxychloroquine and his decision not to wear a face mask. “At times of crisis, we look to leaders for guidance and to serve as role models,” Emanuel and his co-author wrote.