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Play Ball!

Each summer, faculty and staff members from the School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania bring their sense of cooperation and collaboration onto the softball field. No matter their skill level, the players enjoy some active time together and the opportunity to strengthen their partnerships during a few sunny afternoons at Penn Park.  These SP2 summer softball games have been happening since 2013.  

Jill DiSanto

Transcript: Side gigs for good

Life As It Was No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D.) (Written by John Boggess and William Winter) Water from wine, hunger from bread in a world filled with answers I see the light go on in your head, never seen something darker So I am here to remind you, there is no cure for human Leave your conscious behind you we’ll shine When too many tears have watered the earth There will bloom forth a glorious paradise A brave world beautiful and innocent, so alive And we’ll be avatars, wondering thru this universe Searching for life as it was

A 2021 Rhodes Scholar for Penn

May graduate Mackenzie Fierceton from St. Louis been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for graduate study at the University of Oxford in England. She earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and is currently completing her master’s degree in clinical social work.

Ron Ozio

A Quarter-century of Community Partnerships

Glen Casey will be the first to admit it: He wasn’t the perfect student in high school. “I was always doing the dumbest things; getting into fights, getting arrested,” he says. A student then at University City High, Casey failed ninth grade, and barely passed 10th. “I just really wasn’t into school,” he says.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

There’s a word for the thing we need most right now: grace

Charles L. “Chaz” Howard, University chaplain and vice president for social equity and community, spoke about the important of grace and forgiveness. “Grace goes beyond self-care and treating yourself,” he said. “It’s extending kindness to others and yourself even when it’s not deserving. It gives us permission to just be.”



A Philadelphia physician raised $500,000 and is sending oxygen tanks to help India battle its COVID crisis

Ruchika Talwar, a surgery resident at Penn Medicine, collaborated with local physicians to raise almost $500,000 to send medical supplies to Indian hospitals. "My first and foremost concern is for the patients; that's my role as a physician," she said.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Tips for college graduates on finding jobs as a better economy beckons

Barbara Hewitt of Career Services recommended that interviewees dress professionally from head to toe, even if the interview is conducted remotely.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

New museum for America and the Bible opens at Independence Mall

University Chaplain Chaz Howard comments on the missing conversations in the midst of so much cultural tourism in Philadelphia, which he sees as “the intersection of faith and scripture, and liberty and freedom.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Against the clock

Tarik Khan, a Ph.D. student in the School of Nursing, has been spending his evenings delivering leftover COVID-19 vaccine doses to homebound people in Philadelphia.