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Transcript: Side gigs for good

Life As It Was No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D.) (Written by John Boggess and William Winter) Water from wine, hunger from bread in a world filled with answers I see the light go on in your head, never seen something darker So I am here to remind you, there is no cure for human Leave your conscious behind you we’ll shine When too many tears have watered the earth There will bloom forth a glorious paradise A brave world beautiful and innocent, so alive And we’ll be avatars, wondering thru this universe Searching for life as it was

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Getting personal with college admission: Requesting the right recommendations

Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule said letters of recommendation used in college applications should highlight specific examples of a student’s characteristics. “If a recommender can focus on how the applicant does something rather than telling us what the applicant does, it helps a lot,” she said.


Dallas Morning News

COVID changed college application, but not what colleges are looking for in students

Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule wrote an opinion piece about changes to the college application process amid the pandemic.



Penn guard Jelani Williams' first college basketball home game was 1,795 days in the making

Jelani Williams, a senior, was profiled for his accomplishments on Penn’s basketball team. "All of the stuff he went through and how he handled it was, to me, a lesson in perseverance that all of us should learn from," Coach Steve Donahue said.


Philadelphia Tribune

Programs aim to help teach youth about building wealth

Bridges to Wealth is a financial literacy organization founded by Keith Weigelt of the Wharton School and Jill Bazelon of the Graduate School of Education. Operated out of Penn’s Netter Center, the organization provides access to investment opportunities as well as housing, job training, early childhood education, and financial education to people experiencing homelessness.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Who was the man with the uneven gait? Mystery medical photos come to life with discovery of long-lost Penn archives

Penn Archivists J.J. Ahern and J.M. Duffin collaborated with Geoffrey Aguirre of the Perelman School of Medicine and Geoffrey Noble, a former PSOM resident, to learn more about a group of neurological patients photographed in the Victorian era.