Behavioral Health

Does teen cannabis use lead to behavior problems—or vice versa?

Research led by the Annenberg Public Policy Center finds that cannabis use among teens does not appear to lead to greater conduct problems or greater affiliation with other teens who smoke cannabis, which previous research had suggested to be possible.

Penn Today Staff

Being well and doing well

Benoit Dubé, the chief wellness officer at Penn, Giang T. Nguyen, executive director of Student Health Service, and Meeta Kumar, deputy executive director of CAPS, discuss Penn’s efforts to strengthen and support the health and wellness of students.

Greg Johnson

The psychology of binge-watching

Though binge-watching—and even the way we crave television at all—is a relatively recent phenomenon, the psychology behind why we become consumed in stories is actually a tale as old as time.

Penn Today Staff

Stigmatizing views and myths about psoriasis are pervasive

New multidisciplinary research involving both psychologists and dermatologists from the Perelman School of Medicine is the first to examine how common this stigma may be among the general population of the United States.

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In the News

Science News

Improving Family-based Comm. Key to Enhancing Sexual Health Outcomes of GBQ Adolescents

Research by Dalmacio Flores in the School of Nursing has highlighted missed opportunities for sexual-health education between gay, bisexual, or queer adolescent males and their parents.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

ERs in Pennsylvania, Delaware Report Huge Increases in Opioid Overdoses 

JeanMarie Perrone of the Perelman School of Medicine advocates “more robust responses” for opioid overdose survivors in emergency departments.