Staging the plague

Eighty-one students training in a diversity of health professions worked with regional and federal agencies to confront an imagined outbreak scenario centered around bubonic plague in Philadelphia.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Bringing nursing to the most remote places

Registered nurse Nancy Bonalumi teamed up with Project Helping Hands, a nonprofit organization that deploys volunteer medical teams to remote areas in developing nations, from Nepal to Kenya, and recently returned from her fifth visit to Bolivia.

Penn Today Staff


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Science News

Improving Family-based Comm. Key to Enhancing Sexual Health Outcomes of GBQ Adolescents

Research by Dalmacio Flores in the School of Nursing has highlighted missed opportunities for sexual-health education between gay, bisexual, or queer adolescent males and their parents.


Nursing Times

Having More Graduate Nurses Boost Post-Surgical Outcomes in Dementia Patients

The School of Nursing’s Elizabeth White led a study on the impact of higher nurse-education levels on the outcomes of surgical patients with dementia. White attributes the results to the emphases of bachelor’s-degree programs on critical thinking and problem solving.